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Introducing Zeke

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I'd like to introduce you guys to our newest family member. Zeke is a 2-year-old black lab that
my brother and SIL are adopting. He'll be coming home on Sat. I can't wait to meet him! Doesn't he look like a sweetie?

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Zeke looks like a total sweetie!!
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He is adorable!!
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Awww, he does indeed look super sweet!!
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aww! how adorable
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He's adorable! What a sweet face.
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Wow!! He has such a sweet face and eyes!
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Thanks, guys. By all accounts, Zeke is very sweet, laid-back fellow. I'm so happy for my brother and his family (Zeke too, of course!). They lost their 13-year-old lab, Max, more than a year ago and my brother took it very hard. I wasn't sure he was ready for another dog, but when I heard about Zeke through the local rescue network earlier this week, I emailed my brother his pics and things went from there. Zeke is coming home tomorrow. Can't wait to meet him!
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He is a very gorgeous boy!! I know he'll be the perfect fit for your brother's family
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Zeke is such a handsome boy! That face looks so sweet!
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he's a doll! I just love labs especially the black ones. of course we have a 11 year old black lab mix and a yellow lab/rottweiler mix. they are the best dogs we've ever had. a big thanks for your family choosing to adopt one of the most overlooked dogs in shelters - black dogs. I can't wait to see more pics and YES he looks like a sweetie pie.
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Labs are wonderful family dogs.
Zeke looks so hugable.

Congrats on your newest family member.
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What a gorgeous face he has. His teeth look so white as well!
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He is quite a handsome guy!
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He looks very precious
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Congrats...he looks like a lovely dog!!!
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He looks so sweet. I LOVE labs.
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What a sweet fellow! I have a very soft spot for labs and lab crosses, having grown up with one and been close to several others. Sweet lovely pooches.
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Awwww! What a handsome face! I bet he's a lover!!!!
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what a handsome guy!
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Thanks, guys.

I had a chance to meet Zeke on Saturday. The pics don't due him justice. He's one handsome fellow and has the most gorgeous, shiny coat. He's just the sweetest thing, very playful and loving. My brother and his family adore him already. Now, comes the fun part - introducing him to their two cats, Jack and Dori. Fortunately, my brother and SIL have been through the introductory process with cats and dogs before and I gave them some info as well.

I'm trying to devise a plan to steal Zeke, but don't think I'll get away with it.
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