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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
^More likely he was just more sensitive or "open" to stuff around him and noticed it wherever he went.

I've seen and heard a few things in this house, it is not haunted - it feels empty, like nothing is waiting. However there is a cemetery nearby that I can see from the back door...
Yes he's sensitive, as well as I. Our last house we rented was horribly haunted, this house is very empty though. The only thing that we both "feel" is to look at the laundry room door at certain times. It use to be the back door of the house and we both agreed that each time we feel we need to look at it, we think that someone is going to come in. More or less like an imprint of the past rather than a haunting.
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I keep listening to your EVP, but it sounds almost too "real" rather than haunted. I keep hearing "Oh My God"...almost like someone realized that they knocked in on...
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Se the thing with the video is.. that happened maybe 2 weeks after we moved into the guest house, me my mom and my sister all drove in a car to PA.. my brother stayed behind and didnt come to PA till we had been there at least a month. No one touches my camera but me though.. I just got into a huge argument with my mom the other day cause i refused to let her use it... and im a very light sleeper so if she or my sister had snuck it I would know. Also my mom didnt start going EVP crazy till after she heard the video... and she hasnt stopped doing EVPs since, so why would she act all surprised and go buy an $80 recorder and $100 camera after playing a prank on me.

About the PA thing.. when my mom had decided we were gonna move to PA and she was talking to someone about it and they mentioned PA being very.. umm.. "Magical"... my moms a psychic.. and they told her that PA will open up her reading ability a lot more or something like that, so I wouldnt doubt it if it does the same with Ghost and stuff.
Also the neighbor mentioned something about there use to be a Graveyard out in the woods outback.. but no one can find it.. we've been through every corner of the woods and havnt found anything and the neighbor has lived in her house for yrs ((shes older)) and Hunts in those woods but hasnt found it and she believes her house is haunted too.

If a ghost can close doors, move change, and turn a light off and you can hear the click of the light.. than why cant we hear them physically touching a camera? the vids black so im guessing the lens cover never came off while it recorded.. and my camera is weird, it cant accidentally be turned on and record.. theres a safety turn on thing to it thats hard to explain so it wasnt accidentally recorded and as i said before.. there was nothing on the camera the night before... I dont even use the video part 99% of the time... ive tried debunking every possibility that it was purposely done but I cant.. its the only thing I havnt been able to debunk in all the pics, EVPs, and videos we've done.

We have wondered if the ghost followed us for a while... but werent sure. My moms trying to get into "Talking to the Ghost" im not sure if I believe in that but shes working on it.

No more water so far.. kinda weird.
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