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can't remember who!

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This is for a girl I talked to last month about hateing the snow in Michigan. She proceeded to tell me to jump in my car and come to Fl. and began putting their weather down. I came across this today and thought of her ( don't remember her name). Hope she remembers and reads it, it's really cute.
And does anyone know what a good & safe product is to use for tear stains? I adopted a persian from out of state, and he's a mess. I got all the matts out of him, except for his tummy... that's a no way situation, so I'm gonna take him to the vets and have them shave his tummy, and start over.But I really need to do something for the tear stains, if someone out there could help me out?
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Here's a vendor from Meowhoo:


Petsmart has a product also:


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Thanx Kass, I just emailed them to see if I can order some through snail mail, cuz I don't own a credit card. Waiting to hear from them...will let you know. It really sounds like a great product, the before and after pics are amasing!
Thanx again!!!
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justme, I'm really sure you're referring to this thread, http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=15122 and the person you're thinking of is Deb25. BTW, I checked out your link and it is cute!
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Thanx Lori. I thought it was really cute. bout sums up ALL the northern states, huh?...lol
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