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Worms or a parasite of some sort?

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My new kitten (who I adopted a little over a week ago) has had tummy problems ever since I adopted him. I know it's not the food I have fed him, because he had some very stinky gas before I even brought him home.

He started off having lots of really bad gas and diarrhea. I could even hear his tummy gurgling.

We went to the vet because I suspected he had worms (he lived alone with another kitten and he didn't have the best care in his previous home). The vet prescribed worm medicine and a special food diet. He's had his 3-day worm treatment (ended about 4 days ago). He is still eating his special food, but his stools are still loose. He goes #1 about 6-8 times a day... and #2 about 2 times a day. However, the gas and loud tummy gurgling is gone.

Could it be that he still has something since his stools are still somewhat mushy and he goes to the bathroom quite often?

The vet says I should keep him on his special kitty food for 14 days (he's been on it for almost 8 days)... and then we'll re-evaluate the situation.

But I am worried... could this be something serious? Might he have to be de-wormed again?

I am planning on going back to the vet soon... especially if he doesn't improve within the 14 day period... however, I just want to prepare myself for what he might have.
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Sorry to hear about your kitten. Did they do a fecal test for coccidia and giardia? If not, bring in a fresh sample so they can do a full fecal test. My boy had horrible gas and diahrea when I got him. In his case it was diet related. He had a very sensitive tummy as a little kitten. Now, nothing bothers him. I did deal with giardia with my girl. She was put on a couple of medications and it took care of the problem. Hope you get some answers soon.
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Thanks for your reply!

No, they didn't do a fecal test. I asked twice if I should bring a sample in, but they said "no". They said they would do blood tests at the end of the 14-day period if he doesn't improve.

Would the blood tests reveal the same thing as a fecal sample? I'm not sure why they won't test his poo... maybe they do things differently over here in Scandinavia.
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I would request a giardia test done asap. Giardia is not a fun thing to have to endure, and it's very common
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Was gonna suggest the giardia problem. Its sometimes hard to test for, but seems to be more common in some areas. And can be tough to treat.
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I dealt with tapeworm and giardia here. I saw the tapeworms and called the vet and once I said vomiting and loose stool they had me drop off a stool sample they tested for giardia. It cleared up with medication and a special diet for a week. I'm surprised it hasn't been brought up as a possibility because that was the first thing the vet suggested with Seamus.
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Thanks for the advice!

He seems to be improving...

If he had Giardia, would his stools just be soft, or would they be actually runny (diarrhea?) We're dealing with soft stools now... although I think they are improving each day.
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I'm very surprised they said no to the stool sample.

That's usually the first thing they ask for...

I would push it or try another vet if kitty isn't better in a few days. Diarrhea can really dehydrate your kitten kat
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