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Reaction to Vaccine?

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On this past Saturday, Max & Sarah received their yearly exam and received a Giardia Vaccine and we were also given Greenies dental treats to help their teeth. They were sleepy and tired after the exam, but okay. Then Max the last three days has been vomiting. Their stool is kinda of soft. So we stopped the Greenies because Max throw up right after eating it, while I was talking to the vet's office.

Sarah is okay and back to normal, but Max is still sleepy and throwing up. They both are still eating (wet & dry) and drinking water. Max just threw up now (he ate around 6:00am) it is was a little chunky (sorry for the tmi). He has probably vomited about 4 times over the last few days.

I've talked to the vet's office three times and they said I can bring him for another check-up. But they said the effects of the vaccine can last up to two weeks. They (the cats) have never had a reaction like this before with the vaccines.

The check up is free, so I'm not worried about that, but I'd hate for them to give something to Max and make it worse. They didn't seem alarmed about the vomiting, since they knew he is still eating and drinking. Should I wait or take him in?
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It sounds like a possible reaction from the vaccine.

Take him to the vet immediately if he is very lethargic and his ears are very warm.

As I understand, the most severe reaction to a vaccine (anaphylactic shock) occurs within minutes to 24 hours after receiving the vaccination.

However, keep a close eye on him, as I do not know what this could be.

I would also highly recommend reconsidering any future vaccinations, since it sounds like your cat is having a reaction to this one.

My cat died 2 months ago from anaphylactic shock from a rabies vaccination. She'd thrown up once or twice before in the past after a vaccination, but the vets said that it was probably anxiety (not a reaction to the vaccine... although, now I think differently of that). Nobody told me that cats can become less and less tolerant of vaccinations as time goes on... but as I learned the hard way, they can.

Your vet can also administer cortisone before a vaccination to minimize the chance of a reaction, however, this does not guarantee that no reaction will occur.

I hope your kitty gets better soon!! Good luck!
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Thank you. I just came back from the vet and it was probably the Greenies dental treats, (we only gave the treats on Sat) she said. Which I think makes sense, she said that since Max ate more of the treats than Sarah (Max liked them more) that it was probably that since the greenies could still be "in his system" up to 5-7 days after eating it. She said if he was going to have a reaction to the vaccine, it would have been 48-72 hours at the most. It's now Thursday and they were given the shot on Sat.

She was going to give me medicine to calm his stomach, but I'd rather not. Not because of the cost, but the side-effects. Right now, he is doing better. So she said just watch him and call if it gets worse. But since he's eating and drinking, etc he should be okay.
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