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The official Show Boys

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Now that London is supreme grand champion, we will begin showing his half brother: Drinkwater Six K of Meridian. I don't see how he can top London's spectacular show year, but we're going to see if Six K can do equally as well.
He's still just a baby of 3 months, but here he is. You'll all see lots more of him in the months to come.

This is our homegrown marble boy, Meridian Rembrandt. He has an amazing wild face, perfect structure and a super sleek pelt. He's going to give Six K a run for his money. I love this boy's look. It's going to be fun showing these two this year!

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WOW... your kittes are as always simply beautiful.
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OMG Rembrandt looks like Jack from the side!
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Gorgeous kitties!
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They are both gorgeous!! Hope they do very well
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That's what I said about Remy - he looks like Jack but in a marble pattern. Both should do well Nial.
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They are very beautiful!
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They are very pretty!! I hope they do well!
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Stunning, Nial -- gorgeous boys!
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So...when are you building that addition for all your awards?

They are both gorgeous little beasties!
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Thanks everyone!

I should add that we also have 2 official show girls as well, sisters to Rembrandt.
They are both marbles and amazing sweet little bengal girls. I will post pics of them by this weekend.
We have our hands full this show season!
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aww! i love them
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Wow, GORGEOUS kitties!
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