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If you can get Avon,you have to get their Chocolate Mint and their Green Apple!Bubble Bath,they are sooo ... good!I just spent 2 hour's in my tub!!I feel so good,warm & tostie![sp]
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sherral -

i love avon bubble bath. does the chocolate mint smell fabulous?
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Yes!! The whole bathroom smells like chocolate!
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I like bubble baths, but apparently they are bad for women :/
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But, again so is a lot of things we do!
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LOL. This is very true.
I don't remember exactly what damage bubble baths do. But I know when I was pregnant, all the doctors told me NOT to take bubble baths, since pregnant women are more prone to wanting to take a bath more often.
It's the ingredients used in bubble baths that are bad for us women when it gets up in you know where. I asked if it applied even if I WASN'T pregnant and they all said yes.

So no bubble baths for me or my baby girl. I'm just fine with hot water and some candles.
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It basically weakens the immune system to sit in hot water a lot and leaves you susceptible to infections. That is why when you are pregnant, your doctor warned you against them.
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Bubble baths can trigger urinary tract infections as well as yeast infections in some women ( sorry guys to be graphic , but those are medical terms ).

I personally never take bubble baths, I don't like the idea of sitting in chemicals. I prefer just hot water, or even better a good hot shower!!!! But those scents of bubble baths really sound wonderful.
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Originally posted by dtolle
I personally never take bubble baths, I don't like the idea of sitting in chemicals.
DITTO... I don't like the idea of sitting in my own dirt!
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Bubble baths can trigger urinary tract infections as well as yeast infections in

....and so can sitting in fox holes according to Newt Gingridge !!!
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Yeah, I had a bad experience after indulging in a long bubble bath, and I shall never again take another one. I am also scared of hot tubs now too.
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The way not to sit in your own dirt,you take a very quick shower to get the dirt off,when you can sit in a hot bubble bath and relax!And if you only take a bubble bath once ib a blue moon you will not get a infection.I have never had a yeast infection,never!I do not take a bubble bath everynight.
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Hissy: My doctors told me not to take bubble baths while I was pregnant and even after pregnancy for the reasons Dtolle listed.

I have never heard anything about what you said. Not saying it's not true, I just haven't heard it.

I have to take a bath to shave, or else I would use up the worlds supply of water trying to do it during a shower! lol
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You can always put essential oils in your bath for a pleasant scent without the side effects
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its in japanese culture to shower and then bathe - they do this often. one of my best friends is japanese and i studied the culture in anthropology - they are fascinating people.
i love baths, dont usually have bubble baths but sometimes i have vaseline intensive care bath salt thingies - the box of salts - smells great, but darn slippery!
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I have used both salt and essential oil, Love them,Try Green Tea,a another good thing is milk& honey.
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if i take a bubble bath i use baby shampoo before i figured that is gently and shouldn't hurt anything.
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I only have a shower, no tub!

The other night Darrell and I rented a room at his hotel and I had a bath - OMG! I can't believe the effect it had on me, I can still feel the warm water surrounding me and making me feel warm and cozy and loved and relaxed. I didn't think not having a tub in this new place would effect me, but after that, I realize how much it did.
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My fiance was actually just giving our daughter a bubble bath recently with her soap/shampoo kid combo thing.
I asked my obgyns about that, when they informed me not to take bubble baths, and they said the same thing applies for a child's soap, even though it is milder then adults yes, it's still not recommended, cause well it is still soap and shampoo in that container. We clean ourselves up there with much different products.

I do have a question though. What about bath fizzy's? They don't cause bubbles, and well I'm not really sure what's in them, I got them from a friend to use, and seeing as how I never take baths with anything in them I don't know how to use them.

Do I poor the whole container in, or just a little at a time? I put A LOT in my first night, and when I got up from the bath my limbs felt very weak, I was tired and I just kinda felt a little off, is that normal, and would that be from too many bath fizzies?
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