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Max & Big Ben

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I have not posted photo's in quite awhile...

Kitty in a Bag

Max's favorite passtime...

& a few of Big Ben ( these kind of show just how BIG, Big Ben is... to really show how big he is... I really have to get a picture of him WITH one of the other kitties... standing he is a full head taller, he is bigger than a small dog, he's so funny. He still really despises Horatio, they FIGHT like cats &... well cats when they see eachother... Horatio will actively seek out Big Ben and attack him... yet sometimes Horatio will crouch down and slink through a room if he sees him in it army man style Clearly these 2 will never be best buds... lol... Big Ben seems 'ok' with Yuki... but will smack her once in awhile... he Tolerates Max the best however... he doesnt snuggle him or anything... but he doesnt smack him around either.

Anyway... Here is Big Ben doing what he does best... & it shows his size a little bit as he sprawls out infront of a book shelf

< you wake me? >
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awww he's so cute!
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How is it possible for a cat to bend that way?!

Max is utterly gorgeous.....the white on his nose + those eyes....
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sooo cute!
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Such handsome boys!
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Max is utterly gorgeous.....the white on his nose + those eyes....
I was thinking the same thing.
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I'm missing my Max right now... usually he's warming my lap while I'm at my computer...

He is at the vet for his yearly check-up today & his Dental Cleaning & I pick him up later today *sigh* I miss him. But he'll have some pearly whites
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How cute!! Max is adorable with that nose and those green eyes!!
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