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My grandpa had a heart attack

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My grandpa (my mom's mom) had a heart attack last night. He is 89 years old. I talked to my mom around 10pm last night and she said he was doing good. I know how quickly that can change though. As some people might remember, my dad passed away suddenly in August from a heart attack. My other grandpa also died of a heart attack (but it was about his 20th one) about 4 years ago.

My grandpa has lived a long life, and we have been told for about 10 years now that he is really sick and might not make it much longer. I just don't know how my mom will react since my dad died 6 months ago, and now if something happens to my grandpa (her dad) too.
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Aaaaww sweetie I'm so sorry big BIG for your grandpa
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Many vibes for your grandpa, your poor Mom
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Many for all of you. I hope your Grandpa bounces back from this one, and has lots of time left with you.
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Oh gosh, how scary I am sending many prayers for him
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Sending lots of vibes for your Grandpa!
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I'm so sorry... I hope he comes through this. And I'm so sorry for you and your mom... my mom and I surely understand something of what you've already been through.
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Sending vobes and prayers for your grandpa and his family.
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I'm so sorry to hear! Sending lots of get well vibes for him and I will pray for him also!
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for you grandpa!!!!

I will pray for him and you and your mom as well!!
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Prayers for him.
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