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The CATalyst Movement is Beginning!

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That is fantastic.

I can relate to a lot of those issues, for example, I do NOT believe it necessary to have a cat seen by a vet more than once a year for a checkup, and I've experienced vets overcharging by more than 50% for the same services provided by other vets in the same local area.

My Ginger becomes extremely nervous at the smell of dogs, and she trembles through her vet visits.

Ferris is a horror show to catch and carry.

I love the idea for a Cat Wellness Guide - it surprises me to learn that there hasn't been one made up yet!

Please keep us posted on this!
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More vets should do something like one here does......mine all go in at once for yearly exams. I do not do them every 6 months, except for on "special" kitties like Damita.

I load everyone & we go in at once. He gives me a discount since we are technically only coming in for 1 office visit....but multiple exams!
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I think this is wonderful and I really hope that things do come from it, and that consumers will be able to see those changes in the near future.
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I know in the last 3 months I have had both the boys in the office for looking at about 6 times, and I've paid "$44 for the first animal" and "$34 for additonal animals" EACH TIME What really irks me is the vet hardly looks at them! With my experiances of "sick" care, I'm really looking forward to "well" vists, but still every 6 months seems a bit much, I know the vet I currently see only recomends yearly visits.

Still working on the new vet thing!

I also feel like cats don't get as much attention in the pet store either. There are usuall rows and rows devoted to dogs, and maybe 1 or 2 for cats, ITS NOT FAIR
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