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Apparently Peep is the "artsy" type...

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The other day I walked into the living room to find the oddest sight. Peep was perched at the edge of our carpet, it's got a carpet pad that was slightly bunched in at the edge to it was more of a perch, and pulled it curled up with both of his paws so he could peer under it. (His head was nearly touching the floor when he was trying to ) As I walked over there he dropped the carpet, stepped off the carpet, and began poking underneath it.

Until he did that I was just going to laugh at him - you know, haha Peep you sily old kitty, I never knew the underside of carpets was so facinating - and walk away to finish doing whatever I was doing. But then I started to get curious. Lifting up the edge of the rug myself, I realized there was a handful of crayons underneath it! He had been trying to get them out! After I pulled them out he immediately started batting them around.

I never knew he was such an artistic guy
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ha ha! they are funny when they are so insistent that something is there.

kinda the opposite to this is that i remember my rb cat sinbad walking up to a footstool, peering underneath it and then walking away. i was slightly curious as to why he'd done that so i picked up the footstool. underneath was a baby blackbird that my rb cat thomas must have brought in. fortunately the baby was uninjured and i took him to the local 'bird' lady who rears abandoned or taken baby birds.

it just sumed up sinbad, he took one look and thought, 'oh no, i'm not getting involved with that!' he never caught more than a few leaves in his life!
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