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Daily Thread Thurs Feb 21!

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Good morning my lovelies!

Welp, its -13 right now Should go up to -7 later though...geesh!

I'm glad its almost Friday I am going for breakfast with my sister on Saturday to this really amazing breakfast place.

I got 2 sales yesterday at work So I pumped because I already have 4 this month..and I aim for 3 a month It makes me feel better about work when I am doing well.

Not much going on today..just work then gym..I hope you all have a good one!
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Good hob with the sales this month Nat

I saw part of the Lunar eclipse last night...only whatever was going on 10:30/11:00 (B woke me up to see) it was pretty neat-o.

I think I'm rearranging my gym schedule and going least for this week. For some reason I can never get to the gym Mon-Wed.
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The temperatures went up today, it's 9!!

I was all snug in bed last night, but every now and again i could hear a banging noise. Then i remembered the window cleaner had been and never locked my gate properly So up i get, disturbing the kids as well on the way, to go outside in my nightie to lock the gate

Oh and it's housework night tonight
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Good morning/afternoon everyone!!

I'm home 2 days earlier than expected Talk about a great way to start the weekend!

I need to do some housework today, and maybe I'll go and visit my friend and her new baby
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Morning All!!

Another very chilly one again here today.

Caught part of the eclipse lastnight which was very cool.

Heading off to work in a bit.

Pixie's lip is much better today, the vet put her on Antibiotic Drops and they seem to be working quite well.
She is royally P'ed off at me though for making her take such disgusting tasting stuff..
Even Linus and Sassy are giving me the evil eye in support..

Everyone have a good day
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Another sunny but chilly day. We set record record low temp for this time of year -17F.

Right now its a balmy -12F (-24C) with the temps "warming" to about 16F. The the electric bill (which includes heat) yesterday also!! Yikes!! Even with the woodstove this is the highest bill ever at about $134.

Finished my batch of cat blankets-got a total of 38 made. They are loaded into the truck for drop off. I think I'm up to about 60 blankets that I've made so far.

Doing some errands today, the treadmill and making some soup for dinner tonite.

Spring is a month away!!!! But you wouldn't know it here with the snow and the cold.
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Good morning everyone.

Its 9:22am woken up by a firetruck at 9am...its still across the street. I can't really see whats going on though.

Its 15 degrees F here today. My feet are freezing.
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Oh and it's housework night tonight
Who in their right mind says that?

Any time you want to have a big cleaning challenge, you are more than welcome to come over. I've given up cleaning the house until after Aaron is done sanding in the Living Room.
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Morning everybody. Sort of chilly here, but I don't mind. Woke up feeling not so great, hopefully that will pass. Our cook comes this afternoon,and I've got a meeting tonight. Hope everyone is having a good Thursday.
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Morning everyone!

I am sitting here eating auGratin chips and drinking coffee. Geez and I wonder why I was sick last week? But cereal didn't sound good and nothing breakfasty sounded really appealing, so chips it was. I've been craving them since DH brought them home last week. The cats enjoyed a small bite of a chip each too. (spoiled? My cats? NOOOOO! )

I am up early on my day off because I had to call for a job interview today. (many, many vibes and fingers crossed to get this would be fantastic, PLEASEE!!!)

We are off to Petsmart today to get new litterboxes (and food and litter too). Ours are cracked and well, in dire need of replacement.

Dh is going to show me where I have to go for my interview is. It's a 45 minute drive on good roads, I can't imagine driving on bad highways. I just hope it doesn't snow. My car hasn't been on the highway for a LONG time. I hope it doesn't break down on the way there.( )

It's a balmy 9 degrees F outside right now and with the wind chill, it's a chilly -6. Oh what I wouldn't do for a warm day like we had last month.
How long until spring?

Everyone have a great day, and hopefully it'll warm up for us all soon.
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hello all! am supposed to be going out, but my partner's having a male strop! sooo, i really can't be bothered with him, spending some time alone right now. i could really do with it
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