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My new babygirl.......

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is really liking the litterbox! That is great and all but she wants to even play scat-about in it if it's clean!She throws litter everywhere, and today I
caught her eating the litter, I had just cleaned as in changed it out , put new litter in! Now what does this mean? Is she missing something in her diet?
or is she just weird? she is eating anything! and uses the litterbox
all the time! I claled the vets office and asked if she might have worms?
they said they de wormed her already. I know when she stayed in that
cage up the for 2 or 3 wks, you know how they put a small pan of litter
in the cage with them! I checked to make sure she wasn't eating her
poo, and she wasn't so .......any clue?
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kitties eating litter is quite common . can you change some litter which won't harm the kitty even if she swallow, like those wheat litter? i doubt they will eat their poo tho b/c they don't like the smell of the poo
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My Kitten does that too.
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Not any help but your grey kitty is gorgeous and congrats on the new addition
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Some times shelter kitties which are confined for a time associate the litter box with safety and home base even after a new home is open for them. It shouldn't last long, it's just a "Mi-mi blanket" for her. An all natural litter would be a good idea for now, there is one made of corn meal, and it smells like vanilla! Completely safe for them and the environment!
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Thanks for the advice and I will try to find that litter! I have thought
about that exact same thing about the litter in her little cage, she was
lying in it that day I got her!! I just try to keep it as clean as possible!
but there is this lingering odor that I can smell and I can't stand!
she is eating and going straight to the box right after she gets finished
eating! every time! I don't see any loose stools, but darn, she is always
hungry, and always in the box! but i love her! she is soooo sweet, she is
a bully to Spook! But most of that is play fight, she does take some
really cheap shots at him! he just takes it and screams!although I did
catch him body-slamming her like 3 times, then I realized what he was
doing, Mom to the rescue!!thanks again! oh and what is the best litter
for odor?I have tried them all but I some don't clump, and I don't
like those at all !
Any suggestions, doesn't the corn meal litter take care of odors? I'm afraid
she really would be eating that kind, being it's corn meal!!!

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Originally Posted by cococat View Post
Not any help but your grey kitty is gorgeous and congrats on the new addition
r u talking about my avatar kitty? the gray one? that is my GiGi, and she
has been gone since 10/07. She was so beautiful! I miss her so much !!!
or did you mean my new addition because she is gray, with alot of creme
underneath and has that creme color scroll pattern on her sides of her belly!
thanks for either one! if you were talking about gigi, look at this pic.
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