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Litterbox Solutions

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So, this was recommended to me by Hissy and I looked at his webpage and he seems genuine. I read testimonials from people on the site, but I would like to hear from any of you. Has anyone called Dr. Kerry and had success with litterbox avoidance? Or know someone who has? It's comforting to hear from other people in "real life". I'm seriously considering it for Luna, and b/c he says he give special rates to students (and I'm as broke as a student can get right now) =P.

p.s. here's the website http://www.catpsych.com/352.html if anyone is interested.
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Have you been to the site yet? I don't put much stock in a whole lot
online, and a pet psych? well I might would do it and if anything really
worked that he told you, well give him a cookie,and if it doesn't
you should expect that!What's Luna's problem? She won't use the box?
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Yeah I went to the site and it looked pretty good. I mean, he didn't seem to claim that he could psychic-ly communicate with cats or anything...

Luna's problem is more detailed than just not using the box. She uses it most of the time but sometime not. And the "not" times, she's really careful to go on teh littermat or really close to the box and even sometimes goes out of her way to go there. (one is in the laundry room and we also have a box downstairs. THe downstairs one is the only one currently b/c I have to get litter for it and one time she went upstairs to the laundry room to where her mats were and specifically peed on them...)

I dunno, i've tried everything else imaginable and spent sooo much money on her for this thing that I'm thinking it may be more economical to just call the guy.
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It may be cheaper to try replacing the litter mat with a hard plastic kind of thing and try using Cat Attract Litter first. ????

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