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Happy Full Moon Eclipse Everyone!

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Oh, I LOVE lunar eclipses And- the clouds are just breaking up - oh, I do hope we all get to see it!
It's already started (6:25p PST) and is "total" from 7:01-7:50 PST. The mid-eclipse is at 7:31 (when it's darkest & should resemble an orange tennis ball dangling in the sky).
I've called my grandson & my oldest daughter, and am getting together with my folks and we're all gonna try watching it & think of each other as we do! I'll be thinking of the other TCSers who are watching it to!!
Also, Saturn and Regulus (the largest star in the constellation Leo) will be on either side of the moon....
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I've been watching the moon too .... It's really clear tonight. The total eclipse will be around 10:15 or so, I'm keeping my eye on it. What a beautiful sight .....
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Thanks! I watched the eclipse with my kitty tonight, it was great!
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This is from my City Modesto.California
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cool pic!!!
added for extra text so it will let me post
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Very cool!
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Ohhh that is so eerie looking! I love it!!
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I stupidly missed it! Darnit you have no idea how upset I am about that!! I never hear about the eclipse until its too darn late!! ERRRRRRRRGG!!
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Oh I love it! I totally missed the whole darn thing because I wasnt told about it!! I did however get to see a shooting star yesterday which totally made my day but I would have like to see the eclipse! I missed it by just a few minutes!!
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Hey thats a flash picture - I love it!
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that's cool!

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Nice, I saw it on the news afterward because it was cloudy out.
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Very cool! I couldn't see it from where my apartment is.
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It looks very Erie, like a haloween scene
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Neat picture!
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