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Dayton-area vets? + Pirate update!

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Is there anyone in Ohio (specifically Dayton area) who might be able to recommend a vet to me?

I ask because I'm starting to try to find one, since we'll be moving at the end of March and will need one once we settle in. Even if Pirate's better by then, we want to check him to see if the looooooooong drive caused anything icky. And if he's not, well, he is going to need a good vet.

Thankfully I have very open-minded and wonderful vets at a clinic nearby who are treating him (and he's doing well!), but I'm worried about choosing one basically blindly and hating the experience.


In other news, Pirate's fever is down. It went down about the same time we started him on prednisolone, and we are worried that he may get worse as we taper him off it - since, well, that's kind of a bad sign.

Meanwhile, though, we're cautiously optimistic and he's driving us batty with his piggish appetite. He sure can meow!
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Dayton Animal Hospital
8015 North Main Street
Dayton, OH 45415

Dr. Diane Stoll

They were the first vet we took Jack to. We loved them and Jack was very at ease there. They were reasonably priced as well. Unfortunately its a 40 minute drive north from the dayton mall, and we are moving 45 minutes south soon as well. So we switched to someone near where we will be living.

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Thanks!! I'll definitely check her out. I'm actually going to be living in Fairborn, but I don't care about the drive as long as I can get a good vet - I'm so paranoid about finding a crappy one.
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