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Okay a little while ago,I mentioned my kitties were using cardboard boxes as a bathroom! They have two litter boxes which they use all the time and which I scoop 1-2 times daily.Anyway I moved all cardboard boxes,so they couldn't pee/poop in them.Well now they are peeing (fortunatly no poop) on my bed! :x

I put down one cardbpard box and they have not used it since!
What can I do to stop this behaviour? Do you think it could be a URI even tho they are 12 weeks old?

It is getting frustrating now!
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They're 12 weeks old....I suggest confining them to a small room with a LB, food, water, & toys.....monitor them. As they start to use the LB & the LB only, give them more free reign. IMO, they probably just weren't making it all the way to the LB. Make sure you clean where they're going with an enzymatic cleaner.

URI - Upper Respiratory Infection
UTI - Urinary Tract Infection

In this case, if they were a bit older, I'd say UTI. UTIs can occur in kittens that young, so if this problem persists not a bad idea to check them out.
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if they're vetted as healthy, you might try the CatAttract litter or additive. it's invaluable for litterbox re-training!
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When ever I had a problem with a kitten not using the box I put a small litter box in the room they were in, I put them in the litter box and gently hold there little front legs and make a scratching motion. It has worked every single time for me.
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Oops...I meant UTI! I am used to using URI when I talk about rats.
Anyway I guess I will have them vet checked.

They are confined to a room when I have to go out or overnight,when I cannot watch them.They have two litter boxes.One is in the bathroom and the other is in the room they stay in.

Where can I get an enzymatic cleaner? Or what are some good brands of them?
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I like Nature's Miracle. You can find them in pet stores....stores like Wal Mart also sell them, but IMO those don't work so well.
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I will go have a look in the pet stores first.I will see what I can find.
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