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sophie spayed today

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i know i haven't been around in a while, sorry, oops. anyway, my sophie was spayed today. I've never had an animal need to spend the night after a spay or neuter and they said they normally keep overnight (wasn't my regular vet, it was where the shelter i adopted her from said to go to have the spay cost covered), but i asked to take her home. i asked why they keep overnight and she said because in case they vomit and they are drousy and this way their activity is limited. i asked if anyone was there overnight to watch her and she said no. so i said, well, if she's home with me, i can watch her and know if something happens right? so i picked her up today. i have her confined to my room with a little food and water that she isn't really interested in anyway. all she wants to do is lick her stitches, they didn't give her a collar, should i buy one? i also knew about the possibility the other cats wouldn't like her when she got home and sure enough her best friend millie took one sniff of the kennel and hissed so they are seperated and millie isn't happy because she is my shadow and i'm with sophie. we go back in two weeks to have the stitches removed.
is there anything else i should be doing? how long until the other cats accept her again? how long until she will leave her stitches alone?
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I had a Cat pull the sticthes out once and it got infected. I would get a cone and put it on her neck. Do not let her jump on things. My Girls never stayed overnight either but stayed at the Vets until they closed.
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Chloe was spayed a few weeks ago and it was really hard to keep her from jumping on things. She was trying to jump on counters (and of course kept missing b/c the anesthesia was still wearing off). It's really amazing that her spay scar healed as well as it did and that she didn't try to pull out stitches.

Keep her confined and just keep an eye on her. It's less stressful for her to be at home anyway
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yah, she's jumped off the bed once and quickly came back because i'm guessing it hurt and hasn't really moved since. i explained to the vet that she is a very nervous shy cat and is terrified of cages and i felt she would be less stressed at home with me and her cat bed. i picked her up a half hour before they closed.
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I had my cats fixed on the 31st of january and I talked till I was blue in the face trying to get them to let me bring mine home! It didn't work! I would just make sure she takes it easy! Normally its an easy healing process, and if they've had the pain meds they dont feel much of anything! You gotta watch her licking the stitches, try to discourage it if you can!

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i agree with glitch, it is normally a problem free recovery for a young healthy cat. the 2 girls that i have had didn't have any problems. not heard of a cat staying in overnight though, maybe it's different here.

oh and my boys have always seemed to 'suffer' more funnily enough. moping around and feeling sorry for themselves for a couple of days. could it be a 'male' thing i wonder... shinobi will let you all know next wednesday.
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