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testing oci picture

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This is a cinnamon and a cinnamon-silver Oci kitten.
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Doesn't work for me. I wanna see the kitten!
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Darn - now I get a little box with the "open with" and just ok that and it comes up. It was attached to the email she sent me, so I'm not sure how to get it to show for you all to view.
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Can you save it to your computer & attach or upload it to TCS? I use photobucket, so I'm not much help!
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I'm just getting a yahoo login page
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I got it now saved in My Documents/My Pictures but still cannot get it to here.
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Have you tried clicking the "attach" paperclip. Hit the browse button, find the picture, then uploading it?
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lets see if this works yeahhhhhhhhhh
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It worked!
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HOW CUTE. <3333

I've never seen a silver cinny-spotted before! =O So pretty!
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