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OMG! More bad news..

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My family seem to be having a string of bad luck so far this week...

Yesterday my Dad's Range Rover caught fire at a roundabout near our home. Luckily he escaped that one *phew!*

And today, Mum received a phone call just after lunchtime from Dad...his mechanics workshop where he runs a business has gone up in flames! What happened was that he was welding underneath a customer's car, when suddenly it got very hot...Dad only noticed the car was on fire when he could smell smoke..he immediately called the fire brigade, then removed a gas bottle that was nearby (that would have been fatal!)

After the fire was put out, Dad told us to come down to see the extent of the damage...to say the least, his business is no more for a while

I have got a couple of pictures that I took when the fire fighters went home..

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I can see what you mean. When I was in Highschool my fathers workshop went up in flame, his $40,000.00 tractor was in there along with all of his woodworking equiptment. It was a total loss but if the firemen hadn't run into the burning building to get the asedaline(sp) torch the whole house would have went in the explosion.

Just think of it this way, no one was hurt and you can replace "stuff" but it is definately a series of unfortunate events. I hope your father can get his business back up and running soon.
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Oh I'm so very sorry. I know how destructive fires can be to a family. Many many vibes for your family.
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Oh my!! I'm glad everyone is okay!! for your family
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Wow! That is some coincidence! Sending you
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Wow, that's scary! I'm glad your dad is ok!
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