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Healing vibes for Harry please..........

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After Rupert getting over her gum infection, now poor Harry! He came in this morning and seemed okay; not as hyper as usual but he ate and went to hsi basket to sleep.

I came home this afternoon and he wouldn't get out of his basket. I lifted him out (he growled a lot) and he was limping. He wouldn't put his left hind paw to the floor. I freaked out and brought him to the vet. She gave him an anti-inflammatory and painkiller and said to bring him back tomorrow for an x-ray.

He ate a little tuna from my fingers but he hasn't eaten anything else. He's sleeping now. I don't know how he hurt himself; it could have been a car but our house has plenty of fields around it before you hit a road.

I'm so worried about him!
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Sending Harry lots of vibes!
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Prayers for him
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Lots of for Harry -- and for you.
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Sending a lot of get well vibes for Harry
I hope it's nothing serious....Poor baby.
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Lots of vibes for Harry, poor baby
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So at about 10.30 last night Harry got up and ate for the first time all day. He then got up on my lap and purred. He spent the night snuggled into me upstairs and was running around as usual this morning! My SO was going to take the morning off to bring him back to the vet just in case but he seems absolutely fine.

As the vet said it was probably just soft tissue damage from jumping off a wall and landing funnily. Thanks for those vibes!!
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ahh! so glad to hear that harry is back to normal!
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Glad to hear Harry's feeling better.
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so happy you have good news - and glad you're going to have the vet check anyway.
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I am glad to hear that Harry is recovering! All those healing vibes worked!
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