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I hope she feels better.
The PT staff may be confused about the diagnosis. There is a torn rotator cuff and there is adhesive capsullitis of the rotator cuff. The surgery for the second one is actually just ripping the adhesions under anesthesia and PT starts withine hours of waking up from the surgery.

Is she using the ice machine? It became my very favorite thing the whole wide world - and I hate cold!

And she will need to do the exercises for the rest of her life to help prevent issues with the other shoulder. They strengthen the muscles of the back and encourage more use of the scapula (shouldr blades) as opposed to the shoulder. It don't quite get it, but that is what I am told.
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Yvonne went back in the hospital last night. She had a high fever {103} and couldn't get the pain under control. She just went back to surgery this morning for a scope to see if there is a infection or something going on. Her heart rate and blood pressure are high also. I hope they can find out what is wrong.

I have learned allot since I first posted about the therapy and other stuff. The DR said it has to be moved so it don't "freeze" up. We have one of those cooler deals you put ice and water in then it pumps it through a pad, works much better than ice packs.
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Try and not worry Tom because Yvonnes in the best place to get her temperature down and her pain under control.

Lots of healthy coming over
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Hi Again, I just stopped home from the hospital. The DR drained some fluid from her shoulder and it was a little cloudy so they are treating it as if it is a infection. He has to wait 2 days for the culture to grow from the fluid to know for sure its a infection.

The problem is a infection takes 2 or 3 days to build up to cause pain, She had bad pain as soon as she woke up the first time so he is not sure that is the whole problem yet. So she has to stay in the hospital at least 2 days till they know more about what is going on. They are treating it as a infection to be on the safe side. He also open up the shoulder part way to get a good look in there and to flush it out good again, He said the repair looks good yet so that is not the problem. He thinks part of the problem is that she was on pain meds before the surgery because of the pain so her system is getting rid of the pain meds to fast for them to work as they should.
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They'll get Yvonne back home with you soon Tom don't you worry.
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We will continue sending lots of for you both!!!
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Sending lots of vibes for you both!
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Sorry to hear about your wife being in soo much pain. I know that when I had neck surgery that some of the pain medication they gave me didn't work because I am what they call "opiate tolerant" which simply means that morphine or demril don't work the same on me as they do others. I hope she gets some relief soon. That way you can get some rest as well.

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Tom, you may want to consider purchasing the ice water machine. The cost for the insurance to rent it for just a few days, which often isn't covered by insurance, can easily pay for one.
I got one after my first bout with adhesive capsulitis and it has been a blessing for knee and ankle injuries (kids playing sports).
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Hi, A little update. Yvonne is still in the hospital. It took till today for something to show up in the culture from the fluid. The problem is so far they don't know what kind of bacteria it is. They are wondering now if she had some kind of infection going on even before the surgery. They took a swab from her sinus tonight for a culture to see if the same bacteria grows as from the other fluid. Its my understanding that if it does then she has some infection or something in more than just her shoulder. They are giving her 2 different heavy duty IV antibiotics. The Dr won't let her come home till he knows what kind of infection he is dealing with so we have no idea how long she will be in the hospital yet.
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Hoping that the docs can figure out the infection source and the antibiotics do their job!!
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Yvonne has a staff infection in her arm. They are going to put a pic line in tomorrow and can then come home but has to go back every day for antibiotics for about 3 weeks. They are going to see if its possible to have someone stop by give the meds at home.
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Hi again, I just talked to Yvonne again, They are putting in the pic line tonight instead of tomorrow. Now she has to stay till Sunday because the antibiotics are not built up enough in her system and now she has to go in 2 times a day for antibiotics for 3 weeks. This whole mess has been very hard for both of us to deal with.
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Originally Posted by Tom W View Post
This whole mess has been very hard for both of us to deal with.
I can imagine. for both of you. A staph infection is nothing to take lightly, and I hope the antibiotics knock it out ASAP.
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I'm so sorry that you are going through this. But I would rather everything get done in the hospital properly so that when she comes home, she can stay home.
There are many home health care down here that do maintain PICC lines. I've even had a child in school this past month with one. Her antibiotics are given every 12 hours and the agency has scheduled it around school (her grandmother lives in the home and is a nurse, so she starts the first one at 5:00 AM).

To clear the infection, it is very important that the doses are given at the correct time so the antibiotic levels in the blood stay at the proper levels.
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Ugh that sounds pretty tiring for both of you what a long haul! Fingers crossed that the infection starts to clear up soon though
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Yvonne is a RN and when she used to work in a smaller hospital she was the one trained to put in PICC lines, She also worked ICU and med-surge so she knows all about the line and the meds and such things.

She is going to look into having someone stop by and give the meds instead of going to the hospital twice a day, depends on her insurance I guess. We are in Wisconsin and have had some bad snowstorms and very cold weather lately so I hope it is possible to have someone run the meds at home if possible. Or driveway is all ice and all we would need is her to fall and injure the shoulder or worse. I also don't like the idea of going in and out of the cold 2 times a day.
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Sorry to hear that Yvonne is going through so much after her surgery. I'm glad that she is in hospital at the moment and they are getting a handle on what it is now. Sending many many vibes your way so that Yvonne is feeling much better soon

I hope that the insurance company and the hospital figure something out so that she doesn't have to risk going out on the slippy driveway a couple of times a day.
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Yvonne came home early this afternoon. She is doing pretty good considering all the problems.
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Hi, I took Yvonne to see her DR this morning to get her stitches out and a checkup. He got the results back from the swab of her nose and found the same bug as from the fluid in her shoulder. Also the tests they did on the bug with different antibiotics shows its a very tough bug. The normal antibiotics they give just before the surgery had no effect on it. So it looks like the bug was in her blood before her shoulder surgery, the DR figures she got it because she works in a nursing home. The DR said he is going to go back to doing a nose swab of people before surgery like they used to do years ago to make sure there is nothing going on and is going to use a different antibiotic on surgery patients before the surgery that work in hospitals and nursing homes and places like that.

I didn't know if I liked her DR that did the surgery when I first met him but after today I am pretty impressed that he took the time to figure out what happened and what he can do to prevent it happening again. He said the big wigs and the Pharmacy won't like using a different antibiotic on some people before surgery but he said he don't care what they think and they will have to get over it LOL.
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Yvonne continues to be in my thoughts.
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Well here we go again, Yvonne went in for her antibiotics this afternoon and found out she has to stay in the hospital again. They think her fevers might be from the meds but her blood work is messed up also. I don't understand it all but it has something to do with a white blood count, it should be at least a 5 but hers was 2.7 this morning and there was something else the DR didn't like but I don't remember what it was. So now there is a internal med specialist helping to try and figure it out. They are stopping the antibiotics for 24 hrs to see if the blood work improves. The DR is worried if there is a bone marrow problem or she is getting septic.
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Sending vibes to you and your wife!!! Is she in a local hospital or are there thoughts of sending her to a different one (like Theda Clark in Neenah???)
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Still sending vibes for your wife Here's hoping the news is good and that she recovers soon.
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Hi again, Well they figured out Yvonne was having a reaction to the IV antibiotic. They put her on a different IV med and is doing good on it. The therapist says her shoulder is coming along good.

Now that they know she is doing OK on the new med the hospital set her up with the stuff needed to run the meds at home 2 times a day. So since Yvonne is a RN and trained to install PICC lines and take care of them she now runs her own meds. So we hope finally the worst is over and just needs time now.
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Oh, that's great! What a relief. I hope it all goes smoothly from here on out...
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That's a pleasant update. I hope you'll really be able to enjoy Easter now.
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Hi, Yvonne got some great news yesterday, her latest blood testing shows a great improvement in the white counts and sed rate and whatever else was messed up before she started the new antibiotic, so I assume it means its working and not causing any other odd problems like the first med was.
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