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Since we are getting a cinnamon or cinnamon-silver next year, I happened to look up the standards in ACFA (for another reason). Noticed that while they had the 12 Oci colors listed, they only had color descriptions of 11.

Cinnamon was missing. So I contacted central office thinking it was a misprint. Find out that they had no "official" color description (don't know why). So I emailed them CFA's description.

Since I do not breed Oci's and only show alters, I can't change the descriptions; has to be the Oci Breed Chairperson put in a request. Well we don't have a Chairperson. ACFA accidently emailed me a note (forwarding my emails about the color problem) to the Oci person who breeds and is applying to be the Chairperson.

So everything should be ok in the standards by next year

Glad I checked it now. Can see me showing a cinnamon with no color description....having a judge who checks the standards and finds out no color description is listed.........then having to hand them a description from CFA...that should go over good