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rabies shot for cats?

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Do cat's need shot for rabies? I was told by a groomer, gave me an ear full, here in my city that cats need to show proof of a rabies shot before getting groomed? I know dogs need it but cats?

I've heard from my vet that there have been cases of cancer near or around the area in where the shots were given.
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Yes, cats should be vaccinated for rabies. Have to show proof of vaccination around here too in order to get some medical work done on cats (such as spay/neuter.)
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Although my cats never go outside, the law in Virginia requires 3 year rabies shots. Don't much like it, but the cats get the shots.
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Yes, Rabies is usually required by law in most states. It's a zooinotic disease, so you can't be too careful.
Any vaccine can cause a sarcoma in cats. I would talk to the vet and make sure they administer ANY vaccines as low on the leg as possible. If a sarcoma developes there, it's much easier to treat and the survival rate if it's cancer is great.
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i was told by my vet if your cat bites anyone and you can't prove it has it's shots, they will likely destroy the cat. that was the end of the discussion for me.
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Both of my cats got a rabies and other vaccines at the shelter and no other shots ever.
My vet feels the risks are far outweighed by the potential harm, for my individual kitties' lifestyle and where we live (rabies is rare).
If the cats go to groomers and such they will need it. It is against the law so that is also a risk. The best thing to do is find a vet you really trust who keeps up to date on new information, and discuss with him the risks for your cats in your area in your lifestyle.

What is best for one household is not for another!
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A Rabies vaccine is required by law in the United States. The length of time between Rabies vaccines is mandated by each state and can range from 1-3 years. The city I live in requires a current Rabies vaccine for all cats and dogs. Should they come knocking on my door and I don't have a current Rabies certificate I will get fined $110. There are more stray/feral cats than dogs out there and with my experience getting monthly/annual rabies reports from the State Health Department for my job, the most common animals testing positive for Rabies are raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and cats. There are cancer causing sarcomas that can result from a vaccine. I agree with Sandie. Simply ask the vet or tech to give the injection as low on the leg as possible and not between the shoulders.
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Oh, Oh, I guess I'm going to get taken to the hoosegow. My vet never vaccinates my cats against rabies.
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Although your Vet doesn't vaccinate against rabies, you ought to ask for them anyway. While Im sure your vet is probably pretty good, relying on your vet to make sure your animals have what they need is kinda like trusting your personal doctor to administer your health needs...

At any rate, should something happen like your cat biting someone, chances are that without a rabies tag (proof it's had a rabies shot),
it's likely that it would have to quaranined. But then again I don't know the laws for your state..
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I've been told that the 1 yr rabies shot has a much lower incidence of sarcoma compared to the 2 and 3 yr variety. It has something to do with the nature of the vaccine, whether it is killed or attenuated.

Check with your township, some have annual rabies clinics where you can get low price shots. Mine has one every spring, and the shots are $10 each.
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