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A great day for Tuxedo and co.

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while i have only posted once to this site i feel like i know most of you as i am ldg's husband. That said i wanted to write on a great day for my feral kittens and especially one of them, Tuxedo! today we worked out a deal for our kittens to begin the final leg of their journey to new familys, except Tuxedo who will be joining the ever increasing inside feral colony in my home. the kittens with some cajoling were transported to blairstown animal hospital on friday where they have been several times in their short lives, but were taken today to the "Cat Chalet" where they will spend a few weeks living the life of leisure and preparing for several prospective parents to view in just over two weeks! i feel a little bad that our requirements for these prospects are no less stringent than if they were going to adopt a child (human) and that will include a trip to the prospets home! but in the end hundreds of hours and untold amounts of love have gone into these kittens and though our hearts are being rent open we cannot become hoarders. There is one exception, Tuxedo.

From the begining, 4-6 weeks old, he was a very unhappy little kitten. his siblings loved to play and loved mealtime (3 times a day) and after a short time were easy to handle - but not tuxedo. no he did not like me so we tried with ldg feeding him but no go. he actualy attacked me! no kidding a 1 lb kitten attacking a 190lb man (without my moving toward him and he had no other interactions with people that would cause that). that however was not the problem, he attacked the other kittens and generaly was anti-social. on advice ldg got here, we began feeding him alone and further and further away, but that was not an answer (long term), so he finaly became so agresive that i took my vet aside and asked him to spend a few days with tuxedo and help me find a way to socialize him. We X-ray'd him we did full blood studies, ultrasouund, everything that we could. After a few days he gave me an option that was TOTALY unaceptable. so we found a new vet. nothing worked and he finaly atacked me realy good (i was putting a bowl of food down and he came at me from behind, well he not only scared me (i was Airborne for 6 years and dont scare easily). He got in a few really good scratches and a good bite. well i sat down almost in tears and at the end of my wits in about a foot of snow and all of a suuden he walked over to me and up popped up his tail! i couldnt move i was frozen, and when i did nothing for a minute he headbutted me in my foot, well you can fill in the following month and a half, but when we dropped him off today he came running when i called him tail straight up in the air. i got chastised by susan of the cat chalet for exagerating the dificult job she was going to have with him for a week or two! needless to say i no longer believe i will be able to let him go anywhere but home to our house, so today was a really good day for my kittens and for me!
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Having followed this story from the beginning, I must confess that I have been smitten with Tuxedo. I hope you don't mind the smile I had on my face when I pictured you seated in the snow and being "insulted" as you were. Tuxedo has personality, and from all I have heard, so do you! Laurie has told us about your magical way with animals. But this time I think Tuxedo figured he had tamed you! Once he cut you down to size, there was no more trouble. He will always be special to you.

God bless both of you for the wonderful work you do. Don't feel bad at all about being particular about prospective homes. We know what you've been through, emotionally, physically, and financially. I am proud to have this small connection with you. You're a very special man.
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Gary I thought it was you! We've heard so much about you from Laurie, it is a great pleasure to finally "meet" you!

Indeed, very good news for all of the kittens. I'm sure you know that we have followed their stories with great interest, and great heartbreak at Spooky and Julius' first adoption. I totally understand your very stringent requirements for a new home for these little ones, especially after that fiasco. We'll be sending more positive energy and prayers that the right people fall in love with them. I know I have just through cyber-space. Thought I would ask, too...How did Magic's new home work out?

Wow, what a special bond you must have with Tuxedo. Talk about a breakthrough! Ferals especially are so empathic to our emotions. I'm sure you've heard about my Ophelia, also a black and white feral kitty. She knows when we need snuggles, she's our little nurse kitty - she won't leave our sides if we are really sick. Trent, who was raised underfoot, is totally oblivious. :tounge2:
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(Heidi, I think we're in love! Don't tell Laurie!)
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Gary! Welcome aboard!

I'm so glad to finally meet you "in person." I too love the story of Tuxedo and all of the wonderful things y'all are doing for your ferals. Bravo to you for doing all of the great things you are doing for the cats.
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Well - you can't have either one of them! I'm not giving up Gary, no matter how much trouble he causes ( ), and we'll see about Tuxedo. I TOLD you Gary wanted him!

Although I was amazed at Tuxedo today. It was quite incredible. So outgoing and loving - not too scared of the boarding facility.

Susan has hooked up with B.A.R.K.S., a local shelter, and they're having an adoption day in a couple of weeks, bringing a number of cats in.

We took Thanksgiving in, too. She was fearless. We let her out not in the cage (Susan lets all the cats out one at a time to play with them). She checked out the whole place, rubbed herself all over everything, and picked her own condo. We opened Tuxedo's door - and even he popped out to check everything out. And he really did come running each time Gary called him. It was too sweet, and it was hard to get Gary to leave.

Anyway, we did manage to crate Juli this afternoon too. Poor thing - he's so loving but SOOO skittish since the bad adoption. He's at the Vet's now - but he's not sick and is current on his shots, so we'll be taking him to the Cat Chalet tomorrow (www.catchalet.com).

Everyone at the Vets and Susan at the Cat Chalet are helping us find them all loving homes. Except probably Tuxedo.

Oh - Heidi - Magic! He LOVES his new home and is doing great there. He hasn't been introduced to the rest of the home or the other cats that live there yet, she's doing that very slowly. (YAY!)
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Oh - and although the Cat Chalet is very new as a business, Susan has lots of regulars already. They've all been asking about Magic!!!! Looks like we're developing a little network that might help be able to find wonderful homes.

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thanx for the warm welcome, i feel as though i know you from the light of my life (ldg). we have few hobbies and few friends as our time has been dedicated to work and each other and recently the kittens, i have enjoyed the stories and apreciate most of all the help in the initial stages of our parenthood. ldg has made you all part of her life therfore you are already part of mine and i am pleased to begin participation in the forums. again thank you all for the welcome.
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Originally posted by shelly's dad
thanx for the warm welcome, i feel as though i know you from the light of my life (ldg).

I love when couples post on the boards. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy ( or should that be furry)!

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im so glad to 'see' you here - i have heard so much about you, laurie is always saying how wonderful you are and how special you are, especially with the cats. bless you!
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We went to visit the kids at the boarding facility last week. Gary got to play and love on Thanksgiving and especially Tuxedo.

Here's Tuxedo: we love the way his black wraps around his leg.

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You've done a great job with Tux. He looks as if he's been a pampered kitty his entire life. What a handsome boy he is!
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