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Sneezing and warm ears - kitty cold?

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Yesterday Moses was periodically sneezing. This morning his ears felt warm. Other than that he is acting normal, running and playing and eating like usual. I haven't changed his litter, my perfume, cleaning supplies, etc. that may cause him to sneeze.

Do you think he has a cold? Am I being an over-protective, paranoid kitty mum?

Oh - h'es up to date on all shots, and will be due for his 1 yr check up in March/April.
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Sneezing and warm ears could very well be a sign of a developing URI. Is he still sneezing today? Is there any discharge from his eyes? Does he sound congested when he breathes? I'm assuming that he is still able to breathe normally through his nose.

I don't think you're being over-protective or paranoid; you're understandably concerned. I don't see anything wrong with waiting another day or two for additional signs of illness --- if he's in fact ill --- before bringing him to the vet. He's not a young kitten so it doesn't sound urgent. If he has a URI it sounds like it's in the very early stages right now.

But of course there's also nothing wrong with getting him checked out sooner.
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What is URI?
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Meekos ears were hot and she was sneezing and didnt want to eat. I took her to the Vet and the fever was almost 105. She had a Uri and gave it to Coco and Oreo. Both got the hot ears. You can wait a few days since he is eating. Oreo my Kitten didnt need the Vet for it but Meeko acted very Sick. Coco I took fast because she has Asthma and colds make it worse.
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Originally Posted by Ashley45 View Post
What is URI?

Here is a link that can be useful to understand what URI is:

Mostly, you have to make sure your kitty doesn't have discharge from his nose and eyes or trouble breathing. If so, it's probably a URI. It usually comes with a secondary virus in wich antibiotics (and of course a visit to the vet) would help. Usually, URI heals by itself, it's the other virus that needs to be treated. Make sure your cat still eats and drink, it is really important. Both my cats got a URI last month: one recovered in a few days, but the other, because she stopped eating, had to be on antibiotics and watched really closely. It took two weeks to clear it, but she got dehydrated and I had to force-feed her.

If your kitty's only symptoms are sneezing, I would call the vet before going there and ask: last time I went to the vet with my two girls sneezing, I paid 90$ to be told that there was nothing else to do than letting the infection run its course. As soon as another symptom shows (if your cat has a lack of energy, or any other symptoms I mentionned above, especially if he won't eat), I would rush to the vet.

I hope he will be fine! As I said, for one of my cat, nothing else than sneezing came up and not medication were needed.

Keep us posted on Moses,
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Originally Posted by Ashley45 View Post
What is URI?
Upper Respiratory Infection
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Thanks for that info! I'll keep a close eye on him, see if any more symtoms surface before scheduling an appointment with my vet.

Now that I think about it, he may be sneezing because of my V-day flowers. Are some cats allergic to flowers?
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You name it, and I'm sure that there's a cat somewhere that is allergic to it.

But URIs can be caused by any number of things. I'd be more concerned about the flowers (and/or any plants accompanying the flowers) being toxic to your cat. You can find what looks to be a comprehensive list of poisonous plants here.
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Yeah, the flowers are roses and lillies, and I remembered lillies being poisonous, so they're behind a closed door and away from any "Moses exploration." (and isn't the point of flowers to display them?....oh well...)

He seems fine today. I was working all day yesterday, so coudn't really observe him closely. I think he only sneezed once last night. I'll keep watching him to see what he does.
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