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So, my kitties got into some paint.... here what they left behind!!

Such creative kitties!! To put their paws in paint and then put it all over my really expencive table!! How smart of you!!! haha at least its washable!!
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I think it's quite beautiful! Pity you'll have to wash it off.
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Aww! lol
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aww! that's cute
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So amusing....yet very creative!
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Those are some silly kitties!
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That's great! John and I had the idea awhile back to make a scrapbook with pictures, fur clipping, and paw print of each of our kitties. While getting footprints, one of them got away from us and tracked paw prints all over the bedroom floor. But since we're in the basement, and the floor is concrete, we just left them there... I love it!!
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My Daughter was painting and I put her to bed, when I came back to the computer that is what I saw!! Theres paw prints all over the floor too! its funny because they're all multi colored, like they put their paws in one color and then decided to tie die it a little bit!! SO FUNNY!! You can always get a good laugh at kittens!!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
So, my kitties got into some paint.... here what they left behind!!
This shows a very unique skill that far exceeds anything I could do. If there was a way you could transfer this to canvas, it might very well hang in an art museum some day.
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Maybe next time you should leave paper on the table, then you can save their art work.
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Some cats do deliberately "paint". They play with scented, colored goop, and their owners sell their paintings. It's kind of cute. Apparently most cats don't particularly want to try it, though... Kind of like kitties who like water, I guess.
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Ahhh, another beautiful piece done by Picatso!
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Awww, that's cute. Quite the little artists.
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That's too funny! too bad you have to wash the table...bummer!
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lol thats cute
We've had cats do that before, but they walked across the carpet so it wasn't as easy to clean up
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The funny part of it all is, that if Angel plays with the paints right before bed, and I go to put her to bed, I come back to the kitchen and they've done it again! Its crazy! I did leave paper the last time, but they thought it was funnier to put it on the table!! I looked at paws and its both Eek & Jax! I did take pictures, just so I could remember the moment!! Doesn't seem like them being neutered slowed them down in the least bit!!
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look! we painted you a picture meowmy!!
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Thats what I thought! I had to take a picture of it! I couldn't resist!
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Now if only you can teach them to do that on canvas!
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I KNOW!! My kitties would be famous! They're such talented little artists!! I should just put paper over everything and see if they can't make me a masterpiece!!
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My husband and I bought a non-toxic paint one afternoon and a looong piece of canvas so we could get the kittykids paw prints, we even included the potato dog and ourselves. It's now hanging up in our living room like a family portrait X3

Each of us had a different color to represent themselves, so it was really quite cute.
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That sounds lovely! I dont even really know which ones are the culprit at my house! I know Jax was involved... he had the evidence on his paws! lol
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Lol. Gotta love cats.
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