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Can we handle it?

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My mother and I recently adopted a 6 week old kitten from a longtime friend. We also have an 8 year old "Garfield" of sorts who hasn't taken to little Mischief very well. I was only informed today that she is not litter trained, and that really opened my eyes.

See, my household is by no means normal. My mother suffers from Bipolar disorder and chronic arthritis, and I struggle with Aspergers Syndrome, which stunts social interaction and at times makes the obvious quite unobvious. I am an only child and fatherless.

For the past two days, this little ball of energy has brought me more happiness and responsibility than I've been faced with in a very long time. I have treated Mischief as if she was a real child. Yet as is the case with many things in my life, having a smart mind does not indicate that I can always get the job done. Sometimes high hopes are exactly that; an ideal circumstance, rather than reality.

I guess I need some brutal honesty. How long before the stress and non-stop focus of raising a kitten eases up a bit? My older cat is loved and spoiled, but also obese and doesn't listen to us when she knows she's doing something wrong. If that's an indication of anything, maybe it's in Mischief's best interest to grow up elsewhere.
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Are you concerned that the new kitten will be like the older one? That may not be true - each cat is different. Just cause one doesn't listen and is overweight, doesn't mean the kitten will turn out the same way.

Most cats are overweight cause they are fed too much (free feeding) and lack of exercise.

What are your specific concerns that you may not be able to handle this kitten?
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
What are your specific concerns that you may not be able to handle this kitten?
I'm worried that raising a kitten may be a bigger task than my mind is able to grasp at this time.
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The day after I adopted my kitten I was a total wreck with worry over different things. She went into hiding -- She didn't like the dog -- I didn't see her eat -- would she use the litterbox -- etc and I didn't get much sleep that first night. It is stressful with a young kitten and yours is only 6 weeks. Maybe I was lucky, but things started working out for us very quickly. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I understand the emotions you are feeling -- but try to relax and approach raising the kitten with a positive attitude.
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Looks like a bit of luck got thrown my way. My older cat is hissing less, and has gotten close enough to sniff the kittens tail. Mischief also hopped in her litter box today and pawed around a bit.

Thanks for convincing me to keep at it.
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If your kitten knows where the litter box is, and if it's kept clean, she will almost certainly use it all the time. That doesn't mean she won't have the occasional accident, especially if she wanders around a large house.

"Housebreaking" a kitten is probably not an accurate term. Most cats will housebreak themselves if they are kept in a fairly small area where there is a convenient litter box.
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