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Need job vibes!

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Well, I just sent out my resume' again. I am really hoping that the place gets back to me, because I have been there before and enjoyed it!

Hmmm...geuss that's kind of vague huh?

Here's the run down. Back in January my husband and I moved here to the Twin Cities, due to him having taken a job. Everything had fallen into place so well; except that one thing still hasn't 'fallen into place'...I don't have a job yet...

I am a Youth Pastor\\Worker...and I really need some prayers, vibes, whatever you can offer, because I am getting really desperate for work; I hated leaving the youth group I volunteered with for two years behind, but there were absolutely NO possiblities of jobs in my field in the town we were living in; so when hubby got his job offer, we decided to take it. Well, it should have been easier to find a job down here...but so far it's been really tough...there just aren't that many being offered; some of them are just too far away to consider. In short, I have been really disappointed...especially when one interview which seemed to go really well, wound up leading to yet another 'dead end'. that was a really perfect position for me too, because it was focused on at risk youth...which is my passion.

Well, tonight, in my endless search, I discovered that a church that I had been too before, and am familiar with due to my old college room mate being a member of, is looking for an associate pastor to youth. I sent my resume' and am hoping that they respond! So please, please, send all vibes and prayers that you can spare...cause I am going nuts with boredom having no youth to minister to!
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sending many many and prayers your way!!!
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Tons of job
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Thanks all...please keep 'em comin!
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Good luck! Hope ya get it.
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Good luck, vibes, and happiness your way!
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Forum vibes worked well for me a half year ago, so here's some from me:

fresh vibes

Old fashioned vibes
{{{{ vibes }}}}
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