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Guinea Pigs anyone?

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My guinea pig Gracie is pregnant! Mom bought her for me almost a month ago from the petstore "not pregnant" but as you can tell she is deffinately pregnant and it feels like shes having atleast 2 I plan on keeping both of them, if they are girls(the Reason I cant keep them if they arent girls is because i dont want anymore babies ) Im so excited and so scared Ive never had guinea pig babies anyways here are some belly pictures!

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Awww, what a cutie! Can't wait to see the baby piggers!!
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Aww shes cute and im sure the babies will be too!!

I lived with a friend, who rescues Piggies, for a while not to long ago and I learned a lot from her about Piggies... one thing she taught me was that G-Pig Pregnancies can be very harmful to the mama Piggy.. sometimes fatal, but ill send lots of for a good Birthing.
And be sure to post lots of pics of the babies when they come!!!
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Awwww, look at that belly
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Aww your guinea pig is a cutie, love her coloring!
She sure has a big belly, look forward to you updating us when she has her babies
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Awww, she's adorable! Be sure and post pictures of the babies when they are born!!
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How old is she? It is very possible that her pelvic bones has fused and she wont be able to give birth on her own. Here are a couple of good reads about their birthing and stuffs.
Also she is going to need a higher calcium diet. She should have alfalfa hay mixed with her timothy and she should also have alfalfa pellets mixed with timothy, also add some parsley to her salads it is very good for the babies. Her cage will need to be baby proofed and its a bit early but any males will need to be seperated from the mom at 21 days or they will get her pregnant again.

EDIT to add: also you will be needing this

Goodluck! she is a real cutie =)
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My goodness, that's some cute belly! The rest of the beastie is pretty cute, too.
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She was 10 weeks old when we got her about a month ago so she should be about 14weeks old now. She was the only piggie in her cage and I thought she was so cute! I got her a friend Lacie from a local breeder and Lacie is 100% a female she has been checked by her breeder me and the Vet to make sure, The vets guess is that Gracie had just gotten pregnant when we bought her.
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Good luck with her! I used to have piggies and the babies were adorable. Of course, it wasn't intentional-- pet store piggies brought home pregnant and you know the rest.
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If she's 14 months the pregnancy shouldn't be a problem. The issue is with older sows who havent had a litter getting pregnant, their pelvises have fused and the opening isn't big enough to pass a pup through.

My girlfriend and I had a couple guinea pigs a while ago. 2 females, named Fluffy and Potato. Fluffy was, well, fluffy. Potato had short brown hair. We put them up for adoption after I moved to a place that wouldn't allow caged animals. I prefer my cats, but they are cute and fun little things.
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What a cutie! Good luck with the pregnancy!
When I first got my girly Apolla,I thought she was pregnant! Turns out she is just a chunky girl!!
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Yes, she definitely looks pregnant. Last time I had a pregnant guinea pig, she had four babies (one died cause it was small - four is a large litter for a guinea pig). Keep an eye on her, because it's always possible there will be complications, although she'll probably have the babies quietly during the night, and you'll wake up to find that you have more guinea pigs than you did the day before. I second all of Hank's advice. Good luck!
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