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Cat toys and dogs

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So I'm getting a new kitten and I'm trying to figure out how to handle cat toys. I have a 5 year old labrador that is a sweetheart, but would eat them in a heartbeat. My plan right now is to set up a room designated for these toys and put up a baby gate to keep the dog out. Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this?

My other problem is that my current 10 year old cat won't play when my dog is in the house. The second she gets off the bed, my dog is all in her face licking her to death and wanting her to play and my cat is not into it. My dog is not a mouthy dog (biting) at all and I know will be gentle with the kitten, but I'm trying to figure out a way to have her in the house while they play without interrupting them. Anytime I get something out for the cat she has to be right there, nose diving in to see what it is. Drives me nuts! I did just purchase some interactive dog toys from FosterSmith hoping that will keep her preoccupied while the cats are playing. I just don't know what else to do. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
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Hmmmm... well this is what Ive done. Its best to keep the cats in a room for a week away from the dog. While this happens, you bring things that smell like the cats to the dog and tings that smell like the dog over to the cat room. Then you SLOWLY introduce them with you ALWAYS present.
There must always be a screen or cage between the cats and the dog for that 1st week. a little fence aint gonna cut it IMO.
After the 1st week take the dog out for a few hours and let the cats check out the rest of the house. Then put them back in their room. Do this for 3 days.
After that you are ready for 1st contact. You MUST keep a leash on your dog while introducing them. Watch closly. Be prepared to pull back on the dog. OK..... now keep the cats back in the room again. Introduce your dog on a leash for 5 days straight. If you feel things are cool after those 5 days then let them mix
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You don't! Believe me I've tried. Keno's the same age - 5 yrs old and she will eat the cat toys (especially the rabbit furred ones and catnip filled ones) if they are left out.

If we are around and catch her we will stop her and tell her "LEAVE KITTY TOYS ALONE" which she does, but you cannot go out of the room/house without coming home to find a wet furred toy or a catnip one that is totally destroyed.

Keno has chew toys (rawhide), balls, rope toys. She doesn't get any cloth toys as she will destroy them and I have Beanie Babies.

You just have to play with the kitten with the toys under supervision. Put them in the drawer when you cannot watch the dog.

I've even posted on the labrador message board for suggestions - no one has anything that works.
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Teach your dog to drop on command...your cat probably just can't stand how 'in your face' your dog is...teach your dog to 'chill out' or pull her away and put her back on her own doggie bed when the cat comes out. The dog needs to learn that the cats are not her personal 'toys'...even if she isn't mouthy.

As far as kitty toys...probably not too much you can do about that one, except make sure to pick them up when the kitties are done playing with them. Mine know Leave it, and they know that leave it means leave it, whether I am in the room or not. We kennel ours when we are gone; mainly because we are renters; but also because who knows what they might decide to do when we are gone...Lol!
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Keno knows "leave it" and she obeys, but for some reason if the furry mice are in the middle of the floor when we are gone, Keno will steal them. If they are under the couch or on the couch they are safe from her.

Guess she figures in the middle of the floor is fair game if we are not around to watch.
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I usually put up the boys' kitty toys that are plastic like their crazy circle thing and their plastic balls with bells in them or our rottie mix will eat them. the pups usually don't eat their other toys but I got this new ball for Tiger (for his "gotcha" day which is Friday ) and it's plastic and lights up and makes bird sounds - i have to put it up or my pups will eat it.
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Thanks everyone! I figured no one would be able go give me a perfect solution but these are great ideas and some I have been doing already. I think my plan is to get a baby gate to keep the dog just off of the main living room when I'm playing with the new kitty. She can still watch from this location but won't be able to interact.

I think the problem with my dog is that she just wants to play all of the time and wants a friend to play with (other than me). So she sees cats as her play friends but doesn't get why they don't want to play with her back. I got her interactive toys today and the treat dispenser one is going to be a good distraction, but I will still have to isolate her with this as once she sees kitties running no treat is going to keep her from trying to join in on the fun.

Any suggestions on how to actually teach the dog to leave the cat alone? My dog knows when I tell her but still keeps nosing her until I come over to get on to her directly. It's kind of like teaching a dog to leave food on the floor, at least in my case. I love my dog but sometimes I get so angry with her for not obeying when I tell her to leave the cat alone. ARGH!

Thanks again everyone!
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