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I'm sorry you passed away Sandy

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Today I brought a stray Tortishell (I named Sandy) in to get spayed. She was really skinny and possibly pregnant, for months I had wanted to get her spayed, but couldnt get the money.
This month I managed to save enough, so today I brought her in to get spayed. She was pregnant and the kittens were aborted, so after surgery I brought her home, happy that now she could recover and gain weight and soon be released back outside after a few days.

I even brought her goodlife recepie dry cat food and canned food, a treat for the strays, there favorite, she deserved the gourmet food.

No more than 2 hours after bringing her home I went to check on her and she was dead.

I rushed her to the vet in hopes of mabye they could try CPR, but they said it was too late she was dead, her body was still warm though.

I dont know how she died, but I hope she knew that I was trying to help her.

She'll be missed, she was a spunky female cat who didnt fear any other cat. At least yesterday she did eat a little of the food I brought her.

She will be reunited with her kittens, who also died today.

The strange part is (for all you cat fancy readers) I got my cat fancy magazine in today, and one of the contest winner was a young kitten named Sandy. It was orange, not tortishell, but I got and was reading the magazine after I brought Sandy home.
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I sorry about Sandy!
Did they give you any idea at the vet's what could have happened? Most spays go OK. I'm really sorry, but try to be happy that you gave her some attention at the end of her life that she wouldn't have had if she hadn't found you.
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I'm so sorry. Rest In Peace Sandy.
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The vets said it could have been one of many things. I couldnt afford an autospy so I may never know.

First off though, strays dont get a pre-op exam before surgery, that is extra, so right there it puts them at risk for many problems after an operation. Meaning she could have had a weak heart, or got an allergic reaction to anesthesia and they would not have known that. 2nd, she didnt stay at the vets long after surgery, most pet cats do, if she was at the vets a little longer they would have noticed the problem whatever it was. Unfortunetly with her outside I wasnt seeing her 24/7.

Other possibilities are internal bleeding, meaning after her spay something could have torn inside and bled massivly internal. Stress could be another. I dont know if breathing problems occur, or choking on saliva/tongue?

She had an abortion, uterus taken out, was in a carrier for a day, under anesthesia, sewn up probably some pain, and was skinny and mabye malnourished, weakening her body possibly so much she couldnt recover.

Could be any one of those things.
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Oh I am so sorry! May she rest in peace!
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I'm sorry you lost her Keith. I lost a skinny stray after a spay/abort. I won't hesitate to do a spay/abort again.....but the vet said when they're skinny sometimes it's just too much stress on their systems.
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That's too sad...
At least you gave her some comfort before her passing. My vote is stress or maybe the loss of her babies did her in too...
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Aww I am sorry.

May Sandy RIP.
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Poor baby you did your best and the little girl will know this

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I'm sorry to hear about Sandy, may she rest in peace
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Thanks for the support.

It was always in the back of my mind that being she was skinny and possibly pregnant surgery was a little more risky, but I knew of another female cat who was almost identical in body size/weight, and did fine with her spaying, so I had positive thoughts.

And 2 weeks before planning on getting her fixed I gave her lots of extra food hoping she would gain a pound at least to decrease the chances.
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So sorry to hear about Sandy...Rest in peace spunky Sandy
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I'm sorry that Sandy passed ,Keith, but just remember you were doing a very good thing, sometimes it just doesn't go according to plan. RIP Sandy
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Rest in peace, Sandy

May you and your kittens know only love and warmth at the rainbow bridge
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RIP sweet sandy. thank goodness that she had your love and care.
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I'm so sorry you lost your spunky girl. You gave her love in her last days which is the best gift anyone can give.
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Condolences on losing Sandy. I guess that she followed her kittens Home
Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Sandy & kittens.
At least she knew that she had a name & someone who loved her very much; and in her physical condition, the odds were that she could have died a horrible death attempting to give birth - you have spared her from so many agonies, you are truly her Guardian Angel. May you be blessed many times over for all you have done for the lost kitties in your community. I salute your efforts, Keith
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Awww, the poor baby May she rest in peace

You are wonderful for helping her Keith
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How sad.. I am sorry for the loss-- RIP Sandy.
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Aaaw poor baby. At least you know she is with her babies now and she'll be watching you. Sleep tight and sweet dreams baby-puss.
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Rest In Peace Sandy

May you be reunited with your Precious Babies. God will take care of you
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That is so sad

RIP sweet Sandy
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RIP SANDY & BABIES, You were loved!!

Play over the bridge, with you kittens!
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Aww poor Sandy. I'm sure she knew you were trying to help her. It sounds like maybe she was already sick since she was so skinny. Thanks for trying to help Sandy.

RIP little girl.
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