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Busta !

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I don't have a lot of the pictures that I would like to- none of the recent ones are on my computer of my baby Buster. I'm hoping to get some from my boyfriend, but maybe I'll get some new ones sometime this week. All the ones I have are very poor quality anyways. We had poor lighting so I had to use my flash, and it is wayyy too harsh on my baby. But now I should be able to get some good ones. I'll just throw up some baby pictures. The first few were taken by an actual camcorder, not a camera. Sorry for shoddy quality.

Around a month old (Weird fact- he had blue eyes up until he was about five months old):

Expect more sometime this week.

I do have this older video of him from age.. Like... A little less than one month to about 5 months. I'll just throw it up. He looks a lot more like himself in video form. I'll have to get some new video footage of him being his goofy self, too.


My pretty boy. <3

EDIT:: Took out the more recent pictures. I don't like them. Expect better ones later.
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Very handsome fella!
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He is very handsome!! And my red tabby, Leo, had blue eyes until he was about 4-5 months old as well and then they changed to yellow, it was very strange!
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Oh I love that first one. He is darling!
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Awwww look at those gorgeous baby eyes
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