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I need a new doctor...

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So over the weekend I started to feel absolutely horrible. I went to the doctor yesterday and was diagnosed with pneumonia. They sent me to the hospital to get a chest x-ray and everything. So I went to Walmart to pick up my perscriptions. The pharmasist told me that they were waiting on the doctor to call back about one of them and did I want to wait. Well, feeling as if I was about to pass out, I just got my anti-biotic and said I'd send my husband for the other later in the day. He went to get it a couple hours later, and the doctor still hadn't called back. So I called the office and they said they'd let him know. After my husband got off work, he called Walmart, and they STILL haven't heard from the doctor. So I call the afterhours number for the doctor and was told that someone would call me back. No one called. This morning when I got up I call the pharmacy - still nothing. This goes back and forth ALL DAY LONG. It's now 6:30pm - 30 something hours after I was first at the doctor and I still don't have my other medicine. They also haven't told me anything about my chest x-ray. So here I am wondering if I am dieing, and I wouldn't ever know it because the doctor doesn't know how a phone works. So tomorrow I'm going to attempt to see a different doctor. So please send some vibes that I can find a nice doctor with an opening tomorrow!! Also, send some to keep me out of the hospital. I get dizzy and winded after just sitting up in bed... Thank goodness Pepper is being relatively good.
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That is horrible. I am so sorry. You really do need a new Dr. Praying you can get the medication soon and get all better. Pneumonia is not fun.
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That's horrible to have to chase a doctor around to get a scrip for something as serious as pneumonia. I had to chase my OBGYN around for two days to get a scrip for a yeast infection - not life threatening, but really annoying.
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Here's hoping that no news is good news especially on that chest x-ray.
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Maybe it's just cause this is a more rural area, but often the doctor's staff or PA will call in prescriptions -I've had that done for me recently for some antibiotics. So they may not need the doctor if it's already written in you chart that you were prescribed that.
The key is persistence bordering on annoying...

Do you know if it was a case of the flu turned bad that caused the pneumonia? Apparently that is hitting everyone hard and the flu shots are not offering full protection this flu season.
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