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7 month old Kitten Desperate for a Home

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My friend in Nebraska has to move and she could not find a place that takes Cats. She is very desperate to fine her a home by Friday. She is 7 Months and her name is Harriat. I any one needs info Pm me and I will give you her Email Addy. I am trying to help her frind someone to take her otherwise she will go to the Kill Shelter.
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I live in a small town in south Central Nebraska. Has your friend looked for no kill shelters in Nebraska?. They do have one in Lincoln and if she goes on google I think there were a couple more. She needs to check her options carefully before making a decision on a kill shelter. Here is the link to the one in Lincoln
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I will tell her. She is in a small town
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I live 60 miles away from her in a town called Gothenburg.

Is her cat a spay indoor kitty with all her shots?
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I do not think she has shots or anything yet. I can give you her email addy.
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I would definatly have her call the no kill shelters. I would love to save a kitty from the kill shelter but I can't at this point. I have my limit of 6 cats, there is always an exception. If it was one of my friends I would be giving her a lecture right now on animal responsibility. In my past in hard times my cats always went with me. I found a place to live that would take them. I had to lie once in an apt that would only allow me 1 cat, I had 6. At 7 months old her kitty should be fixed and have had all her shots. I hate seeing things like this happen because it really pulls on my heart strings. It isn't the poor kittys fault, yet it will be the kitten that suffers in the end.
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I have lied too. In fact my Brother lied where he is now. he was Desperate for a place to live and they said one Cat and one Dog. He has 5 Cats hidden there. When my Brother has Inspection at his Apartment he Boards the extra Cats. I could never give mine up no matter what. I had to leave them at my Dads until we found a place. I hated doing that too. I have had them with me since 2002.
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where is she moving?
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She is staying in the same city. I sure hope the Cat will not be going to the Pound tomorrow. They are renting a House.
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I wish I could take her. I feel so bad for the kitty. I did ask my husband if we could take her and he isn't to keen on another kitty right now. The Bengal kitten was our last addition and I was told then I was at my limit of 6 cats. I understand where he is coming from, cause I do have a bleeding heart and I would try to rescue them all. He has watched me in action on several occasions.

If it was a situation where her kitty was fixed, had her shots and your friend needed somebody to watch her for a time period I could have probably helped. It is a shame she rented a house without her kitten in mind. I hope she doesn't get anymore pets.

We own our house in Nebraska but on occasion when I read the paper I like to see what rents are going for and if the people take pets. To tell you the truth I have seen a lot of places here who do except cats and dogs. More so than when I lived in the Denver area.
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Its hard here too. We plan on getting a House this Summer. We made a deal when we moved here to have 4 Cats. I had 6 Cat for a few weeks. I wanted to get Oreo because she had Fcks and she would have gone to the Pound. I could not let that happen. I plan on getting another Cat when we get a house. I am trying to decide what kind to get. I do love Bengals and have always wanted one. I love Russian Blues and Siameses too. I also would look into other breeds. My friend is a Rag Doll Breeder so she wants me to get a Rag Doll. She lives in New Jershey. I saved my Russian Blue Mix from going to the Pound too in 2006. My friend is moving today to the new House. I sure hope she didnt go to the Pound. I will be so glad to be in a House. The place we are now traps cats and gives them to the kill pound. The new Mgr isnt very nice. They made me brink all my Cats to the office after living here 2.5 years to take Pics. My Meeko had just ben Sick with a Uti and a almost 105 fever. My Cats have never been outside once in their life.
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I really hope she didn't take her to the pound. That would be so sad. I pray for her little kitty
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