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Pink pad + suitcase = Heaven

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For Christmas, my wonderful secret Santa, CarolPetunia, sent my boys a handmade pink pad to snuggle on. It was orignially intended for Harvey, but Forest immediately laid claim to it and wouldn't give it up.

When I came home from my trip on Sunday night I set my suitcase down by the laundry room door like I always do...the boys like to climb and play on it. I noticed Forest on the floor debating whether to hang out on the suitcase or his pink pad, so I put the pad on top of the suitcase for him. I apparently, unwittingly, created kitty nirvana in the process ...he LOVES his new roost!

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Aww! He looks so content!
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Very cozy(and adorable)
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aww! sooo sweet
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Aww, so cute!
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He's soooooooo relaxed!

There's nothing like a new nook to call home!
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so cute!

My cats love laying on suitcases (and in them too). I want to find some kitty hammocks for them.
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What a sweetie.
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lol now that is one happy kitty
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Awww! He looks so comfy. Too cute!
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aww a very happy kitty!
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He's very lucky you are so in tune with him. No more dilemmas for him.
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That is so adorable
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Aww how sweet! Thats one happy boy on that very nice snuggle pad
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