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Large kitten kibble

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Both my kitties have at times inhaled without chewing their food. What is the biggest kitten kibble that you have come across?

edited to add, I forgot to say they threw up their unchewed kibble. I use nutro natural choice complete care kitten. I know the nutro max cat kitten has bigger kibble and I have considered mixing the 2.
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[quote=mom2raven;2183574]Both my kitties have at times inhaled without chewing their food.QUOTE]

Are you sure that Jack and Raven aren't part pug???
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Hi rosemary (((hug))), hope you are having a good day.
Hmm, lets see, they inhale their food, they nap a lot, sometimes they have gas, they don't snore though. A lot of pug qualities there though.
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BEFORE trying to find bigger food( Max is smaller just a different shape) ... try a FLAT plate
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Ping and Pong only seem to chew sometimes but its not often. Because they don't chew is the reason I choose a small pellet type kibble (timberwolf). They will actually turn their nose up to larger kibble. I have never had them throw up because of that.

From past experience I know that Nutro has a larger size kibble.
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I use By Nature dry kitten food, and it is a pretty good size. It is in an "X" shape, too, so maybe harder to inhale than the little pellet type kitten food?
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I always thought that if a cat didn't chew the food, it was just a habit that won't change even if it's larger. My Maine Coon Hazel never chewed her dry food. She just swallowed it whole. Her full name was Hazel Suppertime because of her enthusiastic glee at a plateful of food.

The new kitten Simone does the same thing. She gets Baby Cat by Royal Canin to supplement the canned. She got a hold of the Avoderm adult and choked a bit on it.
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so is an even smaller kibble better?
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depends on the cat... when Zoey was given smaller or x shaped she swallowed whole and threw up ... Kandie never had that issue
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it might be a compitition problem also because they are currently sharing a dish. After we move I am going to feed them in 2 dishes (that are flatter).
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