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Does anyone else's cat randomly bite them out of nowhere? I think either Angel doesn't like my singing or she's being a spoiled brat and trying to get attention by biting my arm. Not hard, just a nip and maybe a shake or two but still, what the heck is she thinking?

One minute, I'm singing to 'My Immortal', the next, Angel's biting my shoulder. Now come on, I'm not that bad of a singer! She'll sing with me sometimes too, lol!
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Haha, that must be the cutest thing I've ever heard.

My baby used to when he was younger and wanted to play.. But he still likes to nip my boyfriend's toes.
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Shark loves biting on my ankles! I'm so glad that she does it lightly, otherwise I would be covered in holes
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One minute Harry will be on top of me cuddling me, the next thing he bites my chin or nose! Usually when he's hungry but sometimes it hurts!

Rupert nips ankles gently when she wants food
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Moses does this when he wants me to pay more attention to him and play.
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