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Can cats eat corn??

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Im not sure if they can eat corn or not... but this is wayyyy too cute!!
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my tomcat has been known to eat peanuts, doritos, cheetos, fritos, or any other crap (particularly ending in -os) he can get his paws on when we're not watching. He is strangely only interested in human junkfood and could care less about the ice cream, chicken and fish that my girl tries her hardest to steal off our plates. If they figure out how to work together to open the fridge we are really in trouble...
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There's corn in a lot of pet foods, so yes cats can eat it - unless they have an allergy or just don't tolerate it or other grains well.

The reason why they'd want human food type corn is because with canned - salt, butter, and even sugar is added. On the cob most people add butter or salt to it.
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Originally Posted by jeffreyli7 View Post
Im not sure if they can eat corn or not...
Here is Persi eating an ear of corn!
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My kitties all love corn... I give them a bite every once in awhile.
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That picture is sooooo cute! Mine (fortunately or unfortunately) doesn't like anything but his cat food. Not even "cat treats"!
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I remember when we were in Cuba we stopped at a farm and there was a cat there chewing away on corn. I don't think there was much else around for her to eat
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All mine think corn is yummy so I do have to share if I am having it.
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my cats like corn with no butter or anything on it
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