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type of cat and food ?

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I know that feeding a kitten kitten food until they are 1 is the standard. Does this depend on the type of cat?
Raven is 6 months old (and will be spayed in the next month). She is very lean, oriental looking. She is not extremly active.
Jack is 9 weeks younger than Raven, just a regular cat. He is more active, more kittenish.
I was just curious if the type of cat matters in when to switch (specifically oriental, which Raven is just oriental in type).
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I go by the individual cat. My two foster boys were getting very tubby, so were switched off kitten at 8 months.
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pj and punky? I am in love. I wish I could have (and afford) 4 cats
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yeah go by the cat.. Zoey just is being weaned off kitten food she is 4 yrs old( body long and lean )... most cats about a yr works could be 10 months or 14 months ....
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I don't go by that rule - never have. IMO it depends on the build of the cat. If your cat is fine boned (like a siamese/oriental) they can get very fat in a short time eating kitten food till a year old.

With my rexes, the kittens ate kitten food till 4-5 months old - then switched to adult foods - never had a problem with a kitten that was too skinny or too fat - and they were very healthy cats too.

Charlie (my Oci) got switched to adult foods around 5 months old - he's a solid 10 1/2 lbs (will fill out to 11-12 by 2 yrs old).

Only reason to keep a kitten on kitten food for longer then 5-6 months is if its a large breed like a Maine Coon or if the kitten has been sick and needs the extra calories.

I'd start feeding adult food to your cat - she's spayed now and doesn't need the kitten food. Plus if she's built with small boning, you don't want her to get fat.
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