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Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes...Hopefully my gift is My kitty FINALLY having her babies.....No luck yet tho..she is still very pregnant......Im off to class soon, I will update when I get home.....OH NO IM 28...I never thought I would reach 28...I remember being 16 and thinking 28 was old....HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.......
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Originally Posted by Marianjela View Post
New here (kinda) to this thread anyway... I joined this list 3 years ago when I adopted a cat from the pound only to find out she was pregnant... I recognize some of the names from then, so some of you may recall "Willow-the-wonder-cat" or "Finding Chemo" lol. I remember having a thread just like this. Anxiously trying to figure out when she was going to have her kittens - hence where the "wonder" part of her name came - as in - I "wonder" when her kittens will ever come. LOL

ANYWAY... correct me if I'm wrong... but a cat's water doesnt break as a humans would. Each kitten is it's own sac (and placenta). Hence each has it's own bag of water... the sacs usually dont break until after they are born and the mother rips them open. Occasionally they do break before then, but from my understanding it is caused by the birthing process.

I started reading Dill's thread the other night - I SO relate to your anxiety. Here's hoping her newest preening is paws for the cause!
Welcome back! And yes, you are correct about them each being in their own sac. I was going to bring it up but I'm a lazy bum and typing bothers my arthritis a bit.

In the meantime...Happy Birthday DillPickles and Go Dill!!!
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can't believe she hasn't popped yet! I think we need a new picture up of her now!! That way we can bet accordingly!! LOL
Im going to go give away some gifts for prizes and hopefully she pops while Im doing that!! Keep us in the loop!
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I can't believe there aren't kittens yet! I agree with Glitch, we need a new picture. She's gotta be gigantic by now.
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Just checking to see if there was a Dill update........
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New Pictures New Pictures!!! We Need To See How Big She Is!!!
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I will take new pictures in a bit guys....lol.......Im just popping in to check on her then Im back out the door, no babies or signs of contractions yet, darn cat...lol
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OH BTW......she has had more discharge today and is being vocal and following me around, i dont want to but i have to go out for a bit, i dont want to leave her,,,,,,,grrrrrrrr Ill ba back leter
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Is funny these pictures make her look smaller, her tummy dropped so it hangs more now instread of being to the side and the kittens are WAY lower, but these are from today....They were taken with a web cam so they kinda suck

She really doesnt look as big as before....guess the kittens are lower and make her look smaller....I dont know, maybe its just the pictures
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She's still huge though!! That belly is just...man, I feel sorry for her having to lug it around. As for the vocal thing, hopefully that's a good sign! The cats on here in the past few days that delivered were vocal beforehand, so maybe...
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OMG, no kitties yet? Wow, this is taking forever.
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Right before Sylvie delivered she DID NOT want me to leave at all!! Anytime I left the room she would meow super loud until I came back! So, hopefully that's a good sign!
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She is just cleaning alot now, expecially her belly....and nipples....she has began to clean herself off when the discharge comes out so i think she finally realizes something is going on......COME ON DILL
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just seen this thread and wanted to send all my best wishes for dill's labour.

good luck!!
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They didnt induce my Coco and she had a week later then the vet said she would. They were going by the Ultrasound.
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Today she has to be in the same room as me but isnt being that vocal anymore....cleaning alot still tho.....and there is still that whitish/yellowie slimy discharge(YUCK) at least she is cleaning it off herself......I wish she would hurry Im having a bad day and it would make my bday way better than it has been so far....and its almost over....
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I don't think I've wished you a happy brithday yet, have I? Happy birthday!! I hope DIll does have them today, that'd be really nice.
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Happy Birthday! I'm still so surprised she hasn't had them yet!
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She is STILL holding out? This cat is a marathon labor machine.
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I really dont know what she is waiting for, but i think before I will allow for induction I will ask for an ultrasound or something maybe she is just having a large litter and that is why i felt them so early.....I have seen them move for at least 2 weeks, I dont want to make her have them if it isnt time, you know what I mean, what if the vet induces and she isnt quite there yet and something happens to the babies???
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I don't know about anyone else, but her having that discharge, especially a whitish/yellow discharge for this long of time, worries me. Come on Dill...PUSH!!!
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My advice would be, bring her to the vet, and ask them what they would do if this were their pet. If they think it is safe to wait, then it seems like there's no reason to induce other than our human impatience which isn't a good enough reason to rush Dill along. But if the vet thinks that Dill is hurting, or if it's important to get the kittens out sooner rather than later, or that maybe for some reason Dill isn't able to go into labor properly on her own, then it's time for modern medicine to step up to the task!

Good luck tomorrow! (Though, knowing cats, you'll wake up tomorrow to Dill and 12 kittens, happy as clams.)
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Yes, my biggest fear is that one of the kittens is the wrong way and is stuck - which doesn't look good for the rest. I'm concerned too about the discharge and no kittens.

None of my queens ever went more then a day after discharge started.

Dill - I'd really get her to the vet tomorrow if I were you.
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Poor Dill.
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I really do hope everything is alright...and if they aren't I hope it's nothing too serious. for Dill. Keep up the good job you BIG girl!!
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Come on Dill!!!! Make your Meowmy a Grandmeowmy!
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Any news on Dill today... did they/are they going to induce?
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I hope Dill has them today for you sending

come on Dill im away for the weekend with no internet i wanna see your babies
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Vet was at 11 today GOOD NEWS......Vet said everything is PERFECT......they did an ultrasound and the kittens are fine, all where they should be and much lower than the other day, she said the discharge is her mucous plug and that she has probally been slowly dilating over the past week, she has seen it happen before, as for the kittens she couldnt really tell me how many estimates 6-8....not surprised....lol....they are all alive and looking GREAT, my dates were off and she was due(64 days) yesterday....approx....said there is no reason to induce let nature takes its course. And that I should have kittens by tomorrow...YA RIGHT....lol.......but ne thing up to wednesday is fine....WHEW....I was so worried....OMG Im so happy everything is okay.....
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