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Its gotta be soon!! It really does!
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SO.....I just went to pet Dill's tummy....and low and behold....the fur around her nipples was CRUSTED to them, confused I looked closer to see milk dripping at a pretty decent rate...hmmmm that definatly didnt happen the last time she had a litter....what does that mean??? Anyone??? Im so axious, I feel like my mom did When I was pregnant with my first son.....lol...
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That means she will have them in about 24 hrs or less. You might want to put a little vegetable oil on the nipples and massage it in; kinda clean them up before the kittens are born
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that's soooo exciting. I have been checking in here all afternoon hoping for updates on Dill. Sounds like you will have kittens by tomorrow. Hope everything goes well. Can't wait for the next update.

Meanwhile here in Toronto......still nothing new from Nemo!
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She will have soon.
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I hope that she does have them soon, I cannot find any information on the web about if it is normal for a cat to leak milk right before delivery, nothing Im glad you guys are here you are SOOOO helpfull.....thank you guys so much.....
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cdillon.......I am in Hamilton, what are the chances that we are so close AND in the same situation
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Yes, and its a sure sign you are only hours away from little kittens Keep us posted
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Yep, they'll definitely be here soon! Please keep us updates, and post pictures too if you can!!
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Originally Posted by DillPickles View Post
cdillon.......I am in Hamilton, what are the chances that we are so close AND in the same situation
Wow...your not far from me at all. Good luck with Dill.
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It will be soon for Sure.
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I will trust you guys....so looks like( if everything goes like it should) if im right and you guys are right(but how can 5 experienced cat lovers be wrong) she SHOULD have them tonight...... Thank you all for being so helpful. I will keep you VERY updated as Im almost always on here when Im not making sure she is ok....hehe
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What a considerate cat to deliver on a weekend for you!

Will you videotape the big event? I can't wait to hear about the kittens and see the pics!
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I think that she will have them tonight, but keep in mind, she'll have them when SHE'S ready and not before... she may keep you waiting for awhile, I had two last summer that drove me nuts waiting and just when I was sure it was going to be that day, it ended up being a week later .
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My one queen decided to deliver the morning of Easter - we were dressed for church. I went in to check on her (she never would deliver without me being present). Noticed her having contractions - didn't make it to church

But on the cool side, she did have an Easter litter literally and color too - calico, black/white, red tabby/white, blue cream, tortie.
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Unfortunatly I wont be video taping it but i will be taking PLENTY of pictures with my fiance's PDA....Its as good as a digital camera and she takes great pictures...hehe...Dill having her kittens is my early birthday present...Im gunna b 28 on the 6th....WOW I wasnt this excited when i was pregnant with my own kids, now i really know what my and partners moms felt like when we were about to have our daughter...LMAO.....as you have prolly seen in the other posts dill has been showing signs of impending labor for almost a week now so HOPEFULLY she finally just gives up and has them...hehe....
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Eeeee! !!!
How exciting!

(I'm still waiting.
Nova is fast asleep in her kittening box. )
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Must be nice that Nova actually stays in her birthing box, Dill wants nothing to do with either of the spaces, like last time she is prolly just gunna have them on my bed, I was worried about her having them in the basement so i just brought up her litter box, ( she wont use the new one in my room i set up) and locked the basement door so she cant get down there...and baracaded my bed so she cant get under it.....But the past hour she has been loving up MY bed, silly kitty...lol
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O.K., yes, I'm jealous! But also, way excited to see them!! Any chance we could get one last pregnant photo before the big event??
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Ill see what I can do....she is hiding right now...in the TV stand in my room....maybe she will have them in there...ne thing is better than my bed.....lol
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Well? WELL??? Any NEWS??
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Ohh Im on the edge of my seat waiting!!! With the milk already in it has to be soon!! Any signs of contractions???
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Sorry to disapoint everyone, but NOTHING yet....I was up every 2 hours last night checking on her...nothing My vet said the tightenings im seeing in her stomach for the last 2 days are Positioning contraction....getting the babies lower in her stomach, i believe that, he stomach has dropped but thats about it and the milk is still drippin...another thing is she HAS NOT used her litter box since last night...hmmm.....prolly nothing to expel as she has hardly eaten or drank ne thing for about 12 hours now, she is snaking but barely.....The suspense is KILLING me.....I have to go to a hockey game in fort erie today and one in brantford tomorrow ( my fiance plays competitive hockey) Im scared if I leave she will have them.....AHHHHH
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Ok I think Im going to pull my hair out.....The suspense is KILLING me....lol.....She STILL hasnt had the kittens.....She has had milk for a week and has been leaking milk(little bit) since last night...........
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I'm sorry no kittens yet, but it will happen.
I have backed off of the worry over Rags. Now I'm just caring for her like any one of my other cats and when she is ready, she'll have them. I do feel her belly sometimes to check for movement, but none yet. I suppose that she wasn't as close when I took her in as I thought. I brought her in on the 11th. That was 12 days ago. She was pretty big then, but is bigger now. I think she will either have a lot of kittens or a few big ones.
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Ahhh well I can see the kittens move in Dill's belly from across the room.....So.......plus she has had milk for over a week now, so it should be soon......
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You must be going crazy knowing that it is soooo close. We caught Nemo sleeping in her box today and that is the first time she has paid any attention to it. Hopefully that means she is going to use the box when the time comes.

Keep us updated on Dill and good luck in the hockey game today. I am a HUGE hockey fan and am just waiting for the day my son is old enough so I can be a hockey mom.
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WHAT?? No babies!!! Arg!! I was hoping but I suppose they know better than we do of when its time to come out... BUT STILL!! I hope everything goes well! You should try to put up a pic of her right now, so we have a before and after!
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Here is a couple pics I took the other day....

I tried to get more but she wants nothing to do with any room but the bedroom and we cant find the memory card for the PDA....lol...And these pictures dont do her FAT belly justice....
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OMG she's huge!!! If her belly stick out that far while she's laying on her side I can't imagine what It looks like while she's standing up!!!
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