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In need.... (Dill's thread)

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So....I have been here before asking about my kitty Dill and her pregnancy, that was 6 months ago. She unfortunatly gave birth to a still born litter, We took her to the vet the next day to have her checked and made her appointments to get her updated on on her needles and get her ready for spay....Her appointment was a 3 weeks ago....( we did not let her sneak out once)and don't you know my roomate let her out just before christmas and when i took her to the vet he said she was pregnant, they could still do the spay.(He never said how far into it she was)..I couldnt do it. I cant imagine taking the lives of those little 's growing inside her so i postponed the spay. Now here is my question, about a week and a half ago I started feeling the babies move and friday I started being able to see them move, she has colostum and is very antsy but it is nothing like last time only because last time wasnt normal im sure. Should I be keeping a closer eye on her for impending labor? What should I be looking for? I have her room and bed all set up for her, now im just playing the waiting game, is there any sure signs to let me know she will be going soon??? Thank you for taking the time to read my rant.....
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Have you read this yet? http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80724
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I have...thank you...I found it helpful yet confusing at the same time....lol
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She should be very close now - keep her confined to one room with the birthing box ready. Hopefully things will go well. But do set up the spay appointment as soon as your vet will do it. And keep the kittens/mom together for 10-12 weeks before you find them homes.
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I am actually hoping to keep a couple of them depending on the litter size, we recently lost a cat and have wanted to get another one from a local shelter but this seems better. I am fearful for my precious Dill right now after the last litter. She only had 2 and they were both so cute but nothing could be done to help them, my vet said sometimes that happens. I just want to make sure that I can be there, even if it means missing my morning class( im in college) to be there for her. she has been following me so im afraid to be away from her....Im afraid to be excited. ARG....
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I feel your anxiety! We are waiting for our cat to kitten, too. Hopefully a week left, but we're not sure. Do you have pics of her? I'd love to see her! -Jen
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This is my princess Dill about 4 weeks ago.....she is usually a skinny cat so you can see a bit of belly there...NOW it is HUGE ill post more as soon as I can get her out of my bedroom....lol

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Here are some pictures of dill I took about 10 minutes ago...they are kinda fuzzy but you can see how big she is and how noticable her nipples are as well

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She looks adorable Please keep us posted!!
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She sounds like she is ready to go! Movement (according to my vet) is only seen in the last 2 weeks and colostrum appears just days or hours before labor.

Also, fyi when I was a kid in the 1970s, my parents took in a cat who was pregnant. Sadly she gave birth to stillborns. I'm not sure who was more devastated....the cat or my Mom.

The original plan was to spay her after delivery, but my Mom felt so bad that she let the cat out to get pregnant again! She defends her decision to this day saying that our cat was mourning (she was) and couldn't heal without having a live litter of kittens. Anyway our sweet cat gave birth to 6 healthy kittens the second time around (then was spayed). We were allowed to keep one who lived to be 18. The rest were placed with family friends.

Please keep us posted on her progress!
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Ok IM CONFUSED...according to EVERYTHING ive read and been told a queens rectal temp drops about 24-48 hours before kittening, well my Dill dropped her temp for 24 hours to 99 and now i just checked her again and it is up to 100.5, what does that mean??? Can someone help clear this up for my, Thanks everyone......Erin
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My cat Dill is approx 9 weeks along and today I have noticed( over the past 3 hours) some tightening in her belly...when this happens she wont let me touch her stomache, Is this an early sign that labor is comming or do cats have what e have "braxton Hicks" before they actually deliver?? SHe has been a little "sketchie" today and I finally caught her nesting, she hasnt been eating as much and at last check her temp was 99.9 up from yesterday at 99...HELP PLEASE.....Let me know thank you everyone...
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With that drop in her temp, I would dare guess that she should be having the babies pretty soon. And the not wanting to eat and nesting, is another good sign that it will be soon... Keep a watchful eye on her...
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Sounds like she's getting close! Sending lots of vibes for a safe and healthy delivery!
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Yes, get her confined to one room now
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Finally....I don't know what happened yesterday but I could not login. How is Dill doing this morning?
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Well, I went to class this morning and just got home now( im a student in college...Im 27...UPGRADE MUCH)lol...She seems to be fine but her eating has definatly slowed down and she is drinking alot more....There has been milk( colustum) now for over 4 days and NOTHING....she had some tightenings last night and about 5 min ago I cfelt another one. Last time she had kittens she spotted before she had them But they were still borns so maybe thats why it was like that....She is following me around and if she cant see me meows at me to get over to her pronto....she is so demanding, SHe is sleeping way more i guess she needs to get her rest b4 the big moment. Im hoping she waits till tomorrow to be honest...I have a huge final tomorrow and dont want to be to tired, Ive heard cats only deliver at night....Im so stressed....and excited, Im rambling...lol.....
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When my most recent foster had her kittens, she showed almost no signs. She had milk for several days and had discharge on and off, but nothing really consistant. Then all of a sudden she was having contractions and she delivered the first one really quickly. They were all born within 2 hours, so the whole thing was pretty quick.

Oh, and she delivered in the afternoon... so they don't always deliver at night!
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She has seemed kinda sketchie too.....not really calm, when she is "relaxing" her eyes are all bugged out and she doesnt want her stomach touched and usually she loves having it rubbed.....HMMMMMMM......come on kittens....lol....getting really really axious
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all prego cats i've been around delivered in the afternoon!
It sounds like she is really close!
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I hope your right..last litter was at 2am......don't want that 2nite...big test tomorrow...lol
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Update on dill.....Rectal temp was 99.8 less than 5 minutes ago....We are getting close.....It has been below 100 now for about 48 hours, HEHE im excited.....WOOHOO, my luck she is just playing games with me and ist gunna have them for another week....lol
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hiya just wanted to wish her a safe delivery and healthy kittens, keep us updated.
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Sounds like she's having contractions, so keep us posted!!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that she waits until after your exam
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OK..so she waited till after my exam...and I say that because she HASNT had them yet and Im home...she has definatly slowed down on eating and has been cleaning alot but thats about it, her temp is still below 100 and she floows me around, but man this is nothing like the first litter...i think she is just playing games now....lol....she is gunna wait till im sleeping I know it...grrr....i want to sleep in tomorrow cuz im up everyday at 5am and I bet at 5 am she is gunna jump on my bed and say" hey MOM its TIME" lol....I wish she would hurry up already, hopefully she has them B4 I have to go back to school monday. If she hasnt Im takng her to the vet just to make sure Im not crazy, she should have them ne time, she got out on the 22nd of december and came home that night and hasnt been out since so it only makes sense. phew
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Ok so dill is desperate to be under my bed for the past 24 hours....I have actually baracaded my bed so she cant get under there anymore...lol....she was laying down and randomly made a funny sound and jumped up and started licking her bottom desperatly for about 3 minutes, then layed back down like nothing hapened( 3 minutes prior i felt a hardening in her stomach) is this a sign???
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Is she having any contractions?
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I think so...but she has had random tightenings for the past 48 hours give or take an hour or so......
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I would think it would be rather soon be they way your describing it. Hopefully it is soon so the waiting doesn't drive you nutty....
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Too late, the waiting is killing me....I have baracaded my bed from her getting under it and 3 times she has figured out a way to get under there...so now i have like 20 lb weights in each box if she gets under there now im not gunna bother she obviously wants to have them under there. Its not safe tho...there isnt alot of room she can hardly stand under there, she has to belly crawl just to get under it. I have a birthing box(3) set up for her in random spots i know she really likes and she wont stay in one unless i put her there and pet her....I dont want her having them ON my bed like last time.....geeze....lol
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