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New Cat Food

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I've been feeding Pepper Purina Kitten Chow. She's 6 months old and was spayed a month ago. I've heard that once they are spayed / neutered, you should change their food to adult food. Is that true? I'm almost at the end of this bag, so I was wondering what to buy next? I don't want her to get fat, so what's a good brand to buy that will keep her healthy?

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I feed kitten food till a yr with one .... yr and half with another and almost 4 yrs with another...

12 months is a GUIDELINE.. if you have a couch potato kitten then adult food after 6-8 months is warrented but for a ave kitten a yr is better for the switch ..
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I'm going to chime in here with my 2 cents. I watch how the kitties grow...my foster kittens are 10 months & off kitten 2 months ago, they were getting FAT! I feed a mix of foods, including Diamind Naturals Active Cat.

Purina really isn't that great of a food, there are a lot of highger quality foods out there, if you can find any locally available.
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I'd get a bag of adult food and start mixing with the remaining kitten food. Try Nutro Max, Royal Canin, or Natural Balance. There are better foods out there then Purina.
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Thanks for the advice! I started feeding her Purina just because that's what she was getting fed at the shelter. I didn't know that it wasn't very good. I"ll look for one of the brands you guys suggested next time I go to the store. Thank you!
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Here are some threads to read on high quality or premium foods:

This one is what foods you feed & why:


There are TONS of good foods out there:
Wal Mart's brand Maxximum
Natural Life
Chicken Soup
Diamond Naturals
Innova/California Natural
Nature's Variety
Eagle pack
Nutro/Nutro Max
Newman's Own
Natural Balance

And I'm hardly touching the tip of the list! You'll have to determine what you can afford & what's locally available....if you've got any further questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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