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Who is googling you?

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This is an interesting article about how anyone can be found on the internet:
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That's interesting, but i don't think i'd go to those lengths to find out who it was unless i was having stalking issues?.
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I've googled myself, and the only things that came up were articles from my daughter's attempted murder 8 years ago this month.

Not worth it for me to join those sites - there isn't much out there for anyone to find on me. I've also removed my phone number from the reverse lookups, so it's even harder to find me online.
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If anyone was truly serious about stalking someone online they'd just use encryption and proxies... There's a way around everything.
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I've googled myself and all I found was a blog that a friend of mine did when I got engaged. I tried it all kinds of ways. I guess I"m a nobody.
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well if you google me you will find a few things...
but my phone number and address are unlisted...
you can find me at my work though..thats online...
most of the photo sites that i've joined.
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well, i Googled myself. mostly found theatre stuff. found something on a place called 'LinkedIn' but the info was somewhat out of date. that was it!
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I googled myself and all that came up was a tribute I wrote on another site for Midnight. What I don't like are all of those "people finder" sites that help you find out details about people.
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There are way too many of "me", regardless of whether I use my full name or nickname. People would have to add a lot of details to narrow things down.
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I didnt find anything on me
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I googled my name and I found out all sorts of interesting things about me. Apparently I have a discography. Also, I was born in 1651 in France and moved to New France at the age of 18.
I was also born in 1599 and in 1667.
I'm also a painter.

I think I'm all set for a multiple personality disorder.

But seriously, my name and address are in the phone book. I don't see who would want to look me up though. Unless they were REALLY bored.
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Luckily, my name isn't particularly uncommon, and I don't use my last name anywhere but Facebook and my e-mail/shopping (like Target and Amazon, not no-name ones)

I share a name with some semi-famous people, so they get a bunch of results before I would anyway.
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My name is also part of a color, so mostly people are going to get clothing sites.
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Originally Posted by marie-p View Post

I think I'm all set for a multiple personality disorder.

But seriously, my name and address are in the phone book. I don't see who would want to look me up though. Unless they were REALLY bored.

Thats how I felt about mine!!!!

Mind you, that's with my married name.. when I googled my maiden name, a site came up from my high school that has pics from our senior noteables posted there!!! SCARY!! (The pic, that is)
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Ok, I went back and re-googled myself (has been awhile), and on page 4, there IS one very important link to an article that I wrote (with a LOT of editing help from hissy) on Himalayan cats for TCS!!!
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My name brings up online fiction, rpg sites and a teenage boxer. But only after about 3 pages of lj, diaryland and facebook references. Sometimes I wish I didn't belong to the internet generation....
No personal details though, and most of the websites are out of date and haven't been looked at for several years.
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You know its last isn't that common, but oh-boy, there are plenty of people that share my name: One in Canada, one in PA, and (funny enough) one here in NJ...except it isn't me!!

Anyhoo, OK I guess I'll stop googling others...
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I didn't find anything on me. Which really, is a good thing.
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The strangest thing came up when I googled my name...

Someones facebook link came up who I am friends with and it was STARRYEYEDTIGERS facebook profile link!?!?

Why the heck would hers come up out of all the facebook friends I have!?!?
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I'm apparently a looser, nothing came up!
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Google your username for a site and you'll see your posts show up. If you use your real name for a site and google your name,. that site will show up.

I used to know a site where you type in someones address and you can get there phone # for free and residents names.
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