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Vibes for one of my uncles please

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Spoke with my mom on Sunday who got a call from her sister about a fall one of my uncles had Sunday morning.

I emailed my cousin and uncle did had a fall and a bad bone break.

Several years ago after my aunt died my cousin and her husband sold their houes and moved in to take care of her father (my uncle.) His health has gone downhill. He has macular degeneration and used to spend much time outside on their property which includes a 5 acre "pond". My cousin stays at home basically inside the small house with her dad as she is found him outside my himself. Once a month he goes for a week to a adult respite house so my cousin can have a break, spend some time alone with her husband and do some errands.

Sunday morning early he fell while going to bathroom. As he is a tall and weigheds 220# and is 86 yrs young they took him by ambulance. He broke some ribs and sadly the bone in his upper right arm where it goes into the socket. She has appt today with ortho surgeon to see if it can be pinned/screwed. He may not be moving into rehab/nursing home permanently as he this injury will take long to heal and he will have to be fed,bathed,dressed,bath etc. She was considering having him in a nursing home later this year as he is needing more care. She was doing some of that already but as she wrote to me getting old sucks!!

So if you could spare some vibes for my uncle that his injury can be repaired.
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Oh, I hope so, hon... it's so unfair that people people grow old and break down this way. Thank goodness your uncle has a loving family to care for him. May his injuries be easily repaired...
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Praying for him!
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Unlimited healing For your uncle! Hope his injuries are easily repaired
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Will keep him in my prayers.
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Sending lots of vibes his way!
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