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Question of the Day - February 19th!!

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Do you have a favorite mug?

I have 2 that I always use, one is white with black spots (like a cow) and it says "Got Milk?" on it My other is a white mug with a picture of a Siamese cat on it that looks just like my Simon
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No....I don't drink coffee or anything

But there is a mug at work that I just love!!!! (work at a coffee shop) It's a golf mug and says "hole in one" and there is a hole right through the middle of the mug!!!!
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I bought a good one at Monticello a coouple of yrs ago-the saying "No occupation os so delightful to me as the culture of the earth and no culture comparable to that of the garden" ( Thomas Jefferson 1811 ) I have a smaller mug with a cat on it I use for hot tea.
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Ooh, my favorite mug is my NY Mets 2000 National League Champions mug!

I also have a mug that has a Boynton (the funny cartoons) cat all dressed up in furs and sunglasses, with a cigarette holder and jewels. It says, "I'm only doing this job to keep myself busy between films." I take it to temp jobs with me.

And my Playa del Carmen (Mexico) mug. I love Playa.

The one my boyfriend uses all the time when he comes over is a picture of Jesse Ventura and says, "My governor can take your governor." He loves that mug.
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I LOVE Favorite is with my Bella's pic on it and my Disney mugs and assorted kitty mugs
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A mug saying "The Cat Site", and one i got from Karen(Abbysmom) who was my SS this year
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Great Question KAtie!
As you well you guess of course with Kittys are my favourite!..
for the dayli use:

And for the special occations..

Of course one is for Gema and the other is mine!...
the detail!...

wonderful question!...
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I have a couple of cat mugs that are big that I just adore.
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Those are some nice cat mugs.

I think I'm going to have to start collecting cat mugs.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
Do you have a favorite mug?:
If it has coffee in it, it is my favorite.
I do have one mug that is white and red with strawberries on it. That is the one I like the most.
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actually I like my mug that I have on my desk at work..
its homer simpson looking at a donut. and then eating the donut on the other side...
yep..gotta love homer...
I have a bart one at home too.
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I don't drink any big girl drinks so I don't really have a need for a favorite mug, with that being said, my friend for x-mas got me mugs and hot coco (which I love) and I got a tweety and a sylvester mug, both very cool. So those would have to be my favorite even though I don't use them eveyday or even that often.
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I have lots of mugs, and I love them all, but I think my favourites are both Laurel Burch cat mugs, a black one at home (a gift from a very special and wise friend, many years ago), and a white one at work (a parting gift from a favourite student). When I let Rob use the black one (it's the biggest mug in the house and he likes it, too) I use my "Crazy Cat Lady" mug.
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I have one mug that has cats on it so I guess that is my favourite. I don't drink hot drinks very often so I have no use for more than one mug.
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I have a cupboard full of mugs, but I pretty much only use two of them. One that has a picture of a guy in a yard overgrown with grass, standing next to a lawnmower, and it says "I came, I saw, I went back into the house." The other ones says, "This cup belongs to an attack secretary" and on the bottom it says "Grrrrrrr." At work I use one that has a Carolina Hurricanes logo.
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I have a scooby doo mug that fits lots of tea; it's great on a sunday morning when reading the papers!
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I have a cobalt blue mug, its not fancy but cobalt blue is my favorite color so I love it!
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my favorite has pics of cats on it and holds about 3 cups of coffee
My other favorite is an Eeyore mug about the same size
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Helen sent me a wonderful mug last year that I is this huge ceramic mug that is all colourful and it says "Its all about MEOW" I use it all the time!
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Yes! Courtney (Oscarsmommy) was my SS this year and she got me the most adorable little coffee mug!!! It says "latte" and other cute coffee related things all over it -it's white with black writing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it

I also have a penguin mug i love and a big oversized pink one i like too
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I have five or six of them, all with cat themes. I need that many, because we only run the dishwasher every other day, and I have certain mugs reserved for coffee (my morning beverage), and others for tea (my afternoon/evening beverage of choice).
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I have an elephant mug that my neice got me as a birthday gift years ago. It is the silliest looking thing but it is my favorite...
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my Tigger mug! love it
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The mug that I have my coffee in every morning is my favorite one! It's a huge, 16 oz. Marvin The Martian mug. I like it, not only because it's huge, but it has a nice skinny handle that's comfortable to hold, while carrying it around the house in my usual fog, until the caffeine kicks in...
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