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vacuum cleaner trick

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Hi there

I've been having major problems with my cat - also constantly loking for attention and such. Annoying during the day, but really exhausting and frustrating in the early morning when we're trying to sleep!
I'm going to try locking her out of our bedroom at night, even though I know she'll probably sit outside the door and meow - I think the vacuum cleaner thing. How many people have tried this? And has it worked well?

My other issue is that she overgooms. I know it's from stress - she is a highly-strung cat to start with. But I have recently moved in with my boyfriend, and there are now 2 dogs for her to contend with! I'm going to try some Bach Flower remedy drops in her water to calm her... has anyone had success with this sort of thing?

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I let my cats have free reign of the house so they sleep on my bed with me

As for the Bach flower remedy, yes i've had success with it When i brought Jack home i put a few drops in their food/drinking water and a couple on their paws
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Sorry, what's the "vacuume trick"? I'm worried that if it's a fear thing it will only cause your cat more stress. I've never tried Bach Flower (may look into it though) but I've heard lots of people have great success with Feliaway.
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
Sorry, what's the "vacuume trick"? I'm worried that if it's a fear thing it will only cause your cat more stress .
I think that's where you switch it on to keep them away from things, but i can see Meaghans point about it stressing your baby more
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Sure sounds like stress to me too and I'm not sure she won't be more stressed by the vacuum. She has had a lot of changes to adjust to recently - boyfriend moving in and 2 dogs - I'm not surprised she needs more attention. Can she not sleep with you folks in your bed?
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Welcome to TCS!
No, the vacuum trick will probably do more harm than good - cats are actually closer to human children than dogs are, so the more you stress her or cause fear, the more clingy she will be. What is appearing as a need for "attention" is likely a need to feel safer than she does. What are the arrangements with the dogs? Do they realize that she is on a higher rung in the pack than they are? If not, they might be eyeing her & alerting to her in a way that she realizes can be dangerous. Cats are one of the few species that observe other species and learn their "language" and behaviors; she is probably well aware of the very subtle cues that you yourself would have to be extremely vigilant to pick up on.
Also, are the dogs in the room with you at night, but not her? If so, she will probably be very worried about your safety as well. That could be even if the dogs are the most mellowest dogs on earth, if your cat has any knowledge of the potential dangers from some dogs.
Sending prayers and vibes for harmony & peace in your household
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