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Daily Thread Tues Feb 19!

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Good morning folks!

Well I had an awesome long weekend...and I am not too happy to be going back to work. But, alas...its that time again. At least its a short week

Not much happening today..just work then gym as per usual......

Its about -9 right now I can't wait for Spring

Have a great day friends!
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It's -3 here ( I think)
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Morning! It's -5 here The fields and trees looked lovely coming into work though.

I hate it when it's too cold, especially here at work because although my office is warm theres draughts everywhere with the building being so old I could really do with my warm fluffy slippers now
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It is -9c here too and it feels like every bit of the -20c windchill out there.

Just the shelter today, we adopted out a few hard to place cats over the weekend so it is a happy week
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I'm so excited today (ha! Yea, for a change)

I get my new contact lenses for my astigmatism - basically meaning I'LL BE ABLE TO SEE WHEN!!!!

Seriously I've been a hazard on the road for the last year, I couldn't read street signs and a few weeks ago I was finally diagnosed with an astigmatism in both eyes. So now I can get lenses I can see out of.

Holy catnip batman! Its past time for me to leave! Have a great day all!!
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Morning All!!!

It's about -12 here this morning and we got more snow last night...Hm-mm
spring is how far away..I have seriously had enough of winter also.

Heading off to work in a bit, nothing to pressing for today just some purchase orders and paperwork. After work I have to drop some books off at the library and pick up a couple of things at the drugstore.

Then just home and a movie tonight. I am going to watch Descent. Haven't seen it before but my sister dropped it by for me this morning.

Kitties are good today, watching the neighbors black lab tear around in the new snow..He seems to be quite enjoying himself.

Everyone have a good day
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Its sunny and not snowing (until after 3 pm)!! But only 1F (-17c) before the wind chill which is -17F (-27C). A bit cold doing the snowblowing though.

Today is Wisconsin's primary so I will be going to vote later this morning. Then a walk on the treadmill while watching the season finale of Prison Break.

Tonite a have a class at the Botanical Garden on making natural spa products and we are having a foot soak and facial too!!

Spent about 5 hours yesterday on the cat blankets-I have at least four more to cut and sew.
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It is -9 and feels like -18 right now. Tonight it is supposed to be -15, and feel like -25.

I have to work 3-9:30 tonight. Then I am off for 2 days. I worked all weekend, had yesterday off because of the holiday and then I am back there again today.
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-9???? i'll trade you ...its -44 here with the windchill....
i wonder what siberia is today...
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i had yet another quiet day! did some food shopping, that's about it though! i lead such an exciting life you see LOL!
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It was 60+ here today and I thought that was much too cold. I don't think I could live where the temp has - numbers. Just gives me the heebeejeebees. Spell checker didn't like that one!
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