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Hemingway Kitties!!

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So.. I was a lil Curious to see how many people have Hemingway Kitties!!

I dont now but I did have a couple Hemmies in the past.

Ooh and for those who dont know what a Hemingway cat is.. Its a Kitty with Extra Toes.

I forgot to say for the Forth Option on the Poll... "Ive never had a Hemingway Cat, But I do know what they are."
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I have accually never heard of them.
I've been netorious for picking up tuxedo cats and domestic short hairs. I dont think I've ever had a cat with a fancy breed name. (fancy name-name thou, yes)

Do you have pics of these cats?
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Originally Posted by Zenoah View Post
I have accually never heard of them.
I've been netorious for picking up tuxedo cats and domestic short hairs. I dont think I've ever had a cat with a fancy breed name. (fancy name-name thou, yes)

Do you have pics of these cats?
Yup.. Pic:

A Hemingway Cat can be any Color BTW.
There really no different than a normal cat... except the fact that they have extra Toes, and there no Special breed.. the Hemingway's I had were Strays that adopted us.
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Ooohh okay I see now.

I love unique cats. If I cant get a fold or a hairless, then I most certainly want one of these as my next cat.
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we had a black and white DSH in college that was polydactyl. My roomate named him moo-moo, since his markings looked like a cows'.

He was the coolest! He fetched too...
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I don't have one, but there is a sweet little brown tabby a few doors down, she has white feet and thumbs. Her name is Mittens
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The results of this poll are going to be very interesting to me as I have never heard of them. If everybody else has heard of them, I am going to once again feel stupid.
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Hemingway cats are also known as Polydactyl. They are really really neat! I have never owned one but I think they are really really cool!
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I've never had one, but I think they are really neat!
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There's a little kitty named Polly at the shelter where I've been helping out... She's the cutest little brown-and-white girl, small for her age, with these huge paws. Just been spayed (ouch) and ready to go home. I think she'll be picked up quickly; she's got such a sweet little face.
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Forest is a polydactyl.
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I'd love to own a poly, but the poor thing would have to like its paws being touched, cause I'd be playing with those big ol' extra toesies all day!
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I've never had one.
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Tiger's mommy was a poly
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So, I guess I can't vote again, but I checked "what's a Hemingway", then I read what it was (I know, I should've read the thread first, but I always get excited with polls!) and now that I know, I should've checked "not now but I already have". My previous cat had two thumbs on each paws...or at least of the front ones, I don't remember about the back ones...He was the most enegic kitty I've seen in my entire life (I should've called him "storm" or "tornado")!
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I voted had one in the past although she was not really mine. I had a roomate who had a hemingway.
My mother and father in law have one now.
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I've never had one personally, but we have had 3 come into our shelter in the past few months
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Any cat that has extra toes is a "polydactal". Just so happens that a lot of Hemmingway's cats have that trait and it was encouraged. But its not a "breed".

I never owned a poly cat but have met a lot of them Have to be careful and make sure you don't miss cutting those extra nails
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My cat Spaz is polydactyl. He has two extra toes on each front paw and 1 extra on each back paw. So he has a grand total of 24 toes. His toes suit him though. He is a long lean boy, with big feet and NO elegance. Hes just a goofy kinda guy.
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I thought this was Great! Givin' the Subject and all!

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We had a cat that used to hang around our backyard that was a Polydactyl. He was tame so I always assumed he was someone else's outside cat. But we used to feed him and play with him every now and then.

We called him Thumbs.
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Oh I recall darling Priscilla. She was a shelter kitty. She used those wonderful 4 paw polydactyl feet to rip the holy shreds out of people!

I've never had a poly myself, but have come across many polys in the humane society here where I volunteer.
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My Fiona is polydactyl. She can catch a toy or ball in mid air using her extra toes to form a catchers mitt. It is too cool. Haven't been able to catch it in a photo or video....some day!
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Originally Posted by Hyper Piper View Post
We called him Thumbs.

Thats awesome!
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The funniest name I have seen for a poly cat was clawdia. She was a gorgous DLH dilute torti...
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I was in Key West not too long ago, and I toured Hemingway's house there---they have multiple cats on the grounds that are the direct descendants of his original six-toed cats. There has been sort of a flap down there due to the fact that some people are trying to get the cats removed from the property, since it is a museum and not a private residence anymore. Those cats had the life---a bunch of them lying around a koi pool in the sun, in sunny Key West!
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Not cuz she's a poly, but cuz of her rescue story.
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I found out today at the shelter that we have 2 poly cats. One of which is named Hank, and I made up a song about him.

Hank da poly cat!
Hank da poly cat!

Im still working on it...
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I claim Olivia as one of my own, though she lives at my Mother's house. My RB girl Tiger was one also.
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We had Tommy Twelve Toes and Timmy Twelve Toes
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